xmas seasons greetings
We have just marked two months since we opened our new shop in Dempsey Road. We have already had two festive occasions - Christmas and New Year - and now we are having another celebration! Our shop has been very cheery and we are very much enjoying our new home.

Our latest 'Hill Tribe' collection has been very popular. Bold ikat and vibrant colours seem to make a strong impression, both for home decor and on outfits. Apart from our textiles and pillows, we ha
ve a lovely range of jewellery (silk & silver, Hmong embroidery, etc), handbags, and gift items such as silk photo frames and small pouches.

During the Chinese New Year, we will be closed on 13th, 14th, and 15th February, but will be open from 10am to 7pm on all other days. We are also having a Lion Dance performing in our shop on 24th February, around 3pm. Do drop by and join us in the festivities..!

seasons greetings

Happy Holidays from emgallery

emgallery wishes you a very happy holiday season and a great New Year ahead.

This is our very first Christmas and New Year in our new location. If you have not had a chance to visit our shop in Dempsey Road, do drop by and browse our latest collection. The 'Hill Tribe Story' is a very vibrant collection of textiles, home & fashion accessories. Great for gifts.

Our lovely Christmas ornaments from Laos and Cambodia are decorating our shop. Come and have a look..!

** emgallery's Christmas & New Year schedule **

25 December (Christmas Day) Closed
26-30 December 10am - 6pm
31 December - 2 January Closed
3 January 10am - 6pm


We will be opening our new shop at Dempsey Road this Sunday.

Our new collection 'Hill Tribe Story' will be launched at the opening, and we are decorating our new shop with vibrant textiles and accessories. This is our most beautiful collection yet.

Our Christmas collection has also arrived from Cambodia, including colourful silk ornaments and ikat Christmas cards. This year we have increased a variety of the cards, which feature festive designs using ikat fabric and paper cuttings. We have lovely Hmong applique ornaments from Laos too.

Come and see our new 2-storey shop in the lush tropical Dempsey Hill area. We are looking forward to seeing you again soon for this new beginning…

New Shop Opening & Collection Launch ‘Hill Tribe Story’

Date & Time:        6th, 7th & 8th December, 2009   

                           10am – 7pm

Venue:                 emgallery at Dempsey Road

                           Block 16, #01-04/05 Dempsey Road, Singapore 249685

  Phone: 6475-6941

* Light drinks & refreshments will be served. *

** For those of you who received the ‘one free stamp’ voucher during our Moving Sale, please bring it with you.**




Thank you very much for coming to our Moving Sale and wishing us the best for our new shop. We are very much looking forward to seeing you again in our new Dempsey shop soon.


emgallery will only be open by appointment from now until the new shop opens at the end of November. For more information and to make an appointment to visit us, please call at 6475-6941/9626-6751, or e-mail to 


Our Christmas collection (silk ornaments and Christmas cards) will be available soon. Do watch out for our new designs!



After wonderful four years in Blair Road, we are moving. Our new shop will be a lovely colonial building situated in Dempsey Hill. It is currently being renovated. We plan to open by the end of November. We think our new location will still be very 'em' and have a lot more to offer.


To celebrate our new move and thank you for your support, we would like to invite you to our special Moving Sale at our current Blair Road shop. The sale will be held 5th-10th November, except on Sunday.

All of your purchases during this period will be 10% off, with selected items up to 50% off. I hope you will enjoy this rare opportunity..! We are also planning to preview our Christmas items at the same time, with many new exciting items.

emgallery Moving Sale

Date:                5th - 10th November (Sunday is closed)

Time:                10am - 7pm

Venue:              emgallery          No.5 Blair Road            Tel: 6475-6941 

* Please note that em stamp card will not be applied during the sale. Christmas items will not be on sale.

We hope to see all of you at the event!



Noren is a cloth screen or panel. Traditionally in Japan it is hung between rooms and in doorways as a divider. It is also commonly seen before the entrance to a shop or restaurant as a means of protection from sun, wind, and dust, as well as advertising. Noren typically has two or more vertical cuts from near the top to the bottom of the cloth, allowing for easier passage or viewing.


Our Noren is created in Laos, sewing two pieces of hand-woven silk organza panels together. It is sewn around a quarter from the top, parting downwards. It has tabs with buttons at top for easy hanging. Some have woven patterns on them while others use an open weave with lacy effect. All are sheer and very pretty. Soft hues such as sand, soft pink, aqua, and indigo blue work perfectly.


Noren is practical but also makes a lovely decoration for your rooms. Do come by our shop to browse our newly arrived selection.


Look forward to seeing you soon..!


We have revived leaf prints for our silk-screen bags and accessories. This time in new soft colours such as ocher, grape and putty, we have a collection of shoulder bags, travel bags (in pouch), and passport holders.


The colours match our current textile collection, 'Sugarr & Spice'. Why not coordinate the bags with your choice of scarves and shawls?


We hope to see you soon at emgallery..!


Date & Venue:
23 - 27 July, 2009             Takashimaya Yokohama, 8th Floor
28 July - 3 August, 2009   Takashimaya Tokyo (Nihombashi), 8th Floor

emgallery will be holding an exhibition in Japan this summer. The show will be held at two stores of Takashimaya - Yokohama and Nihombashi. From our current theme 'Sugar
& Spice', we will showcase and sell a collection of shawls, bags, pillows, runners, and wall-hangings in lovely sweet and smoky hues. There will also be a small collection of hand-woven baskets.

If you happen to be in Tokyo during this period, do drop by. Or please forward this invitation to your friends who might be interested!


our new collection, 'Sugar & Spice' has now been launched.

's new collection derives its inspiration from the old trade route - the spice road.
The shades are pretty and smoky, reflecting the colours of sugar and spices with a dusty cross-road as a backdrop. Moods are sweet while exotic elements are subtly woven into the story.

Enjoy this season's beautiful shawls, scarves, bags, and interior pieces.

exhibition at Ginza Matsuya!

'Sugar & Spice'
Date: 14 - 27 April, 2009
Venue: Season's Studio, 7F @Matsuya Ginza (department store)
3-6-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8130
emgallery will be holding an exhibition in Tokyo, Japan. The show will be a preview of our Spring & Summer'09 collection. Titled 'Sugar & Spice', our new collection derives its inspiration from the old trade route: the spice road.
If you happen to be in Tokyo during this period, do drop by. Or please forward this invitation to your friends who might be interested!
The  'Sugar & Spice' collection will be launched at our shop in Singapore in May.

silk print bags
are in...!

New shipment of silk print bags

We have just received a new shipment of our popular silk-screen print bags. Many colours are in, including blue, grey, and bronze. Also found in this shipment are increased shades of plain organza bags with strings - they are adorable.

Each hand-made in Cambodia, our silk-screen print bags are great for all occations. Come and have a look while stock lasts.

We look forward to seeing you soon..!

Mekong Furniture Collection

to Mekong Furniture Collection

We would like to invite you to the launch of our Mekong Furniture Collection.

Our idea for furniture started with the concept of 'accessory pieces', which are smaller but with interesting details. Rather than bulky big furniture that fills the house, we wanted to make something a bit more delicate and decorative to accentuate your home. Craftsmanship is another important factor.

The Mekong River region has always been our centre of resources and inspiration. We have recaptured the unique Indochine style and culture in our new furniture collection. Crafted by hand with the same precision as our textiles, our new furniture pieces are original in design and concept, and beautifully made by artisans in Laos.

Please join us for the launch of our first furniture collection. Apart from pieces that will be showcased for immediate purchase, we can also take orders should you be interested.

We hope our furniture and textile & home décor collections will help you create an enchanting home.

Mekong Furniture Collection Launch

Date & Time22222: 26th (Thu) & 27th (Fri)2February 2009 10am - 7pm
28th (Sat)22222222222February 2009 10am - 6pm
Venue2222222222: emgallery
222222222222222:2No.5 Blair Road, Singapore 089905 Tel: 6475-6941

222222222** Drinks & refreshments will be served in our courtyard **

  • We will be sending you an invitation with fruniture catalogue by post early next week. Please let us know by return for any address changes.
  • emgallery will be closed on 24th & 25th February due to preparations for the event. We apologize for any inconveniences.

Thai woven runners..


new table runners from emgallery

We have received a new shipment of table runners from Thailand. Hand-woven by a tribe of Karen, in Northern Thailand, the runners bear intricate patterns in lovely muted hues. It has a cotton backing, making it durable while creating a striking look.

Runners come in 3 sizes - 90cm, 180cm, and 250cm. They also make a beautiful wall-hanging decoration. Lovely to put on a bed as well.

There is a variety of colour/pattern combinations, each one-of-a-kind. Do browse around and pick your favourite..!

quilted silk collection

comfort of quilted silk cushions & mats..

New Year is a good time to think of dressing up your interior. Our popular quilted silk cushions & mats are perfect for providing your home both with comfort and a bit of luxury. Using premier hand-woven Thai silk, each item is expertly quilted by hand. The 40x40cm seating cushion is filled with 1kg of cotton/poly stuffing and it is extremely comfortable. The mat is 105x60cm and extra comfortable because of its ample size. Throw it on the living room floor or on a ro omy day bed, the mats are both practical and beautiful. The 56x33cm cushion with handle is very versatile, making it easy for you to carry it around the house or when you travel.

We hope to see you soon. We wish you all a very happy 2009!

emgallery January shop schedule

26th (Mon) closed - CNY
27th (Tue) closed - CNY
* Closed on Sundays

merry christmas and a happy new year

emgallery wishes you a very happy holiday season and a wonderful year ahead..!

Thank you so much for all your support this year. We hope you have enjoyed visiting us as much as we have enjoyed serving you. we'll have many new collections next year, too. we look forward to seeing you again soon.

best wishes,

* Our holiday schedule *
25 December Closed
31 December Closed
1 January Closed
2 January Closed
(We are closed on Sundays)


new shipment of silk-screen bags and accessories

Beautiful Cambodian silk-screen bags and accessories are now in stock at emgallery.
We are introducing new colours such as amber and copper. All in chic but shimmering colours.

Also new this time are the plain silk bags with printed linings.
The outer silk comes in two colours - metallic grey (slightly brown cast) and pink beige.
We silk-screen printed the cotton lining. A nice change from the print bags and having printed lining is quite lovely.

There is a range of pouches in silk prints to go with the bags.

Treat yourself, or make them a special gift.

* Our holiday schedule *
25 December Closed
31 December Closed
1 January Closed
2 January Closed
(We are closed on Sundays)

Christmas at

We now have a new stock of silk Christmas ornaments and ikat & paper-cut Christmas cards!

Silk ornaments - Sparkling silk ornaments with stars (S, M, L), elephants, and moon & stars are back for the holiday season. This time we have lovely new Christmas tree ornaments. They are all adorable! Enjoy decorating your tree with them. Or make them lovely gifts for your family and friends..

Christmas cards - Unique and carefully made, the Cambodian traditional ikat fabric is placed underneath delicate paper-cuts. In the shape of Christmas trees, candles, elephants, doves, apsara (Khmer dancer), stars, and Angkor Wat. With a distinctive Asian feel, these cards make very tasteful greeting cards.

The ornaments and cards are hand-made by landmine & polio victim artisans in Cambodia.

Our silk collection is in full bloom, too, with many different weaves and textures.
In lovely muted colours. Pick your favourites for your home, gifts, and yourself..!

art & furniture

Our very first preview of em's art & furniture pieces will be held this weekend.

* Cambodian furniture - Colonial style wooden settee set, hand-painted Khmer style cabinet, and unique coffee tables with carved elephant legs... Old wood and parts of old Cambodian houses are used to produce these pieces.

* Khmer dancers' sketches - Reprints of Rodin's drawing of Khmer dancers when they performed in France back in 1906. Stunning. Romantic.

* Silk carpets from Laos - Absolutely exquisite hand-woven, natural-dyed silk carpets. 400,000 knots per square metre (extremely dense).

(Detail here!)

Our initial collection is available in very limited quantities. We'll welcome your early arrival..!

Date & Time:
Friday 14 November 10am - 7pm
Saturday 15 November 10am - 6pm

Venue: emgallery (No.5 Blair Road)
Tel: 6475-6941

* emcard will not apply for the purchase of art & furniture collection.

art & furniture

Introducing art & furniture from emgallery...

We are starting to introduce some unique pieces of art and furniture. The first collection includes antique wooden furniture from Cambodia, sketches of Khmer Dancers, and exquisite silk carpets from Laos.

Furniture - Art Decor-influenced living set (comprising of a bench, 4 arm chairs, and a table), elephant tables (coffee tables with carved elephant legs -- very nice), and a small cabinet with Khmer hand-painted decorations. All pieces are medium to small in size, making it easy to add to your rooms. Wood and some parts from old wooden houses in Cambodia are used to produce these pieces. Some are the actual furniture used in the past. Absolutely unique.

Sketches - We came upon these beautiful sketch drawing of Khmer dancers while in Cambodia. It turned out that they are rare re-prints of the famous Rodin's drawings! Back in 1906, the Khmer Royal Dancers were invited to perform at the palace of the French President. Invited as a guest, Rodin was intensely struck by its pure beauty and produced many drawings of the dancers. To this day, the drawings are so striking that they caught our eye instantly. We have a few of these drawings.

Silk Carpets - As you can imagine, Laos is not a usual source for producing carpets. Originally from Central Asia, our producer married his traditional carpet making skills to another tradition of silk weaving in Laos. The result is one of the most exquisite silk carpets we have encountered. With top quality silk, dyed naturally, the carpet is hand-woven using some of the oldest methods that produce best quality carpets. Density is very high - 450,000 knots per square metre. Another unique aspect is that we incorporate Laotian designs into our carpets. True one-of-a-kind pieces.

Do join us at the Preview of our first collection of art and furniture. The number of each item is very limited.

Date & Time: Friday 14 November 10am - 7pm
Saturday 15 November 10am - 6pm

Venue: emgallery (No.5 Blair Road)
Tel: 6475-6941

'into the woods'

new colletction launch

holiday'08 'into the woods'

23rd (Thu) & 24th (Fri) October 10am - 7pm
25th (Sat) October 10am - 6pm

emgallery's new collection offers you a glimpse into the woods - the glowing autumn colours & deep, dark winter hues. Browns, greys, and accents of earth reds and golds.

New for this season are gorgeous hand-woven table linens. Our raw silk mats, napkins and runners are a perfect setting for a rustic chic table. Apart from the standard size placemats, we are also introducing smaller 'tea mats', which also come with the matching napkins with a ring. Truly special. Other new items include beautifully woven shawls, tapestries, and new bags made in hemp and silk.

Do discover all at our launch @ emgallery. Special viewing is extended at our next-door residence during the launch. And light beverages and snacks will be served at our courtyard.

We look forward to seeing you at the launch..!

silk-screen organza bags

silk-screen organza bags

We have new stock of silk-screen organza bags. These delicate bags come in 3 sizes - 30x40cm, 20x30cm, and 15x20cm. Large ones make perfect lingerie or garment bags when you travel, or when you attend your yoga class. Medium ones are handy for smaller things such as shawls and scarves, to protect them in style. Small bags are a great organizer for your little items like keys and cosmetics.

Hand-woven in Cambodia, the silk organza is silk-printed with lovely botanical motifs. This time we have new colours such as pale blue grey, mink, and warm brown. Plain organza bags without silk-screen prints are also available.

something blue

Something blue...

We hope you are having a great summer. Our summer collection 'seascape' has been very popular. We have just received a new shipment of some of our most popular pieces - particularly in blue.

The gradation of blue reflects the various shades of indigo dye - from mint green (fresh indigo) to deep indigo hues. Using some of the oldest weaving methods in Laos, we have created our shawls and tapestries with a touch of modern flair. Pillow covers in organza with woven motifs - so popular some were sold out - are also back in stock.

We have Norens, too - a Japanese-inspired cloth hanging screen parted in the middle. In beautiful sheer silk organza, we have added some different designs this time. Some are in lacy, open weave, while others have floral motifs. The colours are blue, beige, and off white - very soothing. Two sizes are available - W:70x150cm & W:90x160cm.

Do have a look at our new items at emgallery.

treats for your home

treats for your home...

We have a new shipment of silk tapestries and cushions.

There are new colours to our signature raw silk cushions - off white, blue, and black. Because of the unique 'slab' texture of raw silk, the colours reflect more than single hues. Off white and blue have warm, almost wheat-toned sheen, while black looks like dark midnight blue. They look beautiful together, seamlessly blending with the summer collection 'seascape' launched earlier. If you prefer warm tones, we have khaki, copper, gold, and chocolate to choose from.

Another very popular cushion has arrived from Thailand - beautifully quilted seating cushions. With 1 kg of cotton/poly filling, the cushions are firm and so comfortable. This time we have a range of warm earth tones (brownish beige, pink, & bronze) as well as aqua, again creating a wonderful harmony. Perfect accent for dark wood furniture.

Highly skilled hand-woven tapestries are from Laos. The contrast of intricate weaving patterns against sheer organza give a very dramatic effect, enhanced by the actual cocoons scattered throughout the fabric. We have soft pink and refreshing blue collections.

Have a browse around our gallery and discover the joy of adorning your home. We'll be happy to help you find something special.

silk-screen print bag

A new shipment of silk-screen print bags has arrived from Cambodia.

Apart from the signature colours of bronze, rosewood and grey, we have revived one of the previous colours, 'passion'. The stylish purple colour has been recalled due to the popular demand..!

Both roomy regular size and smaller travel size are available in all colours. The silk bags are beautiful and will make a great gift, while they will accompany your summer travels in style.


emgallery would like to invite you to the launch of our new summer08 'seascape' collection.

This season, we turned to the ocean and its surroundings for our inspiration. We have recaptured the colours and textures from the scene and transformed them into our collection of scarves, bags, and interior pieces. We love the sheer organza and open weave technique, which look very light and summery. The colours are translated to the silk beautifully - from various shades of blue to sand and stone.

During the launch, we will open the courtyard and part of the residence to showcase the new collection. Light snacks and drinks will also be available.

Thursday 5th & Friday 6th June 08 10am - 7pm
Saturday 7th June 08 10am - 6pm
emgallery No5 Blair Road, Singapore 089905 Tel: 6475-6941

** Please note our shop will be closed on Wednesday, 4th June in preparation **

We hope to see you at our launch... Happy summer!

silk-screen print bags

We have a new shipment of our silk-screen print bags. The colours available this time are rosewood, bronze, and grey. Both flower and leaf prints are available, and we also have travel bags (smaller bag in the matching pouch).

Passport holders and long pouches are also in stock.

spring home decoration

Spring is a good to time to refresh your environment. After all the festivities of the past few months, you are settling in to think more about your environment. Perhaps you have just moved, or you would like to re-decorate your home before your summer guests arrive...

Let us throw you an idea or two about enhancing your home. We think fabrics are a great way to do just that. They are so versatile and add 'warmth' to your rooms. How about a beautifully hand-woven silk tapestry on the wall? A runner or throw will dress up your bed, while pillows will add wonder to any of your rooms.

We have a wide range of wonderful textiles and decor items - all hand-made and uniquely designed by em. We are also here to help you create enchanting rooms - from colour scheme to coordination.

Visit our gallery and be in the mood for decor...

thai silk accessories

Thai silk accessories...

We have a new shipment of Thai silk scarves and bags.

2 of our signature scarves, crushed silk and elastic silk, come in a soothing palette of smoky shades - dusty salmon, coffee grey, and charcoal grey. These scarves are very versatile and fashionable.

Silk bags with pretty glass beads also come in 5 lovely shades - leaf green, laurel, dusty salmon, aqua, and coral red. A great bag to carry both for day and night.

Do come by to view our latest sparkling collection..!

first sample sale at emgallery
- Friday 22nd & Saturday 23rd February, 2008 -

We are holding our very first 'sample sale' at our shop this weekend..!

You will find many interesting items and samples we have accumulated. These include collection samples that were made in the course of developing the previous collections, stock from past seasons, and some fabrics. Emiko also wants to offer some of her own samples that she purchased as reference samples for her production.

Sale prices vary starting from just S$10.00 and include discounts for some selected items from recent collections.

Don't miss this rare opportunity...!

celadon & ceramic collection

Celadon & Ceramic Flyer

Reflecting the popularity that our recent celadon and ceramic collection has been generating, we have published a flyer for you to enjoy. It shows our current collection, in a beautiful setting, complete with the price list.

You will shortly receive the flyer by post. For those of you who have already visited our shop and seen the collection, it will give you another glimpse of each piece and might help you to plan your tableware settings. If you have not seen the collection, it will illustrate our entire collection at a glance. In any case we hope our flyer inspires you to put together a lovely, innovative table for your family and friends.

Our celadon and ceramic collection is hand-crafted in Northern Thailand. They are truly unique in form and presence.

We hope we'll see you again soon at our gallery. .!

* Please let us know should your mailing address has changed, or if you wish to be on our mailing list.
E-mail to emgallery

silk-screen print bags

New shipment of the silk-screen print bags..!

We have just received a new shipment of our silk-screen print bags from Cambodia. The colour includes bronze, grey, deep green (new colour combination), and rosewood. The passport holders in the same colours are also available.

The collection is ever-popular, so do come by early..!

celadon dinnerware

emgallery wishes you a very happy new year..!

Our first news this year is the newly arrived celadon dinnerware.

Hand-crafted in Northern Thailand, the collection of ceramic bowls and dishes are a delightful addition to em's tableware range.

With its distinctive triangle shape and sloped edges, the ware has a very unique appeal. Bowls and plates come in 3 sizes and they look just lovely when layered together on the table. They are both artistic and practical, making it very collectible. Set of sauce bowls (2 or 3) with tray is great not only for sauces and dressings but also for milk and sugar for tea.

The dinnerware is available in two beautiful colours - celadon white and earthen green. You can coordinate in single colour or mix the 2 shades. While it has an Asian feel, the design is modern, making all kinds of cuisine look great in them.

Another lovely addition is our lotus candle holder. Nothing creates more enchanting atmosphere for your table than lots of tee-lights. When lit, these candle holders look like glowing lotuses floating on the pond. Scatter them around the house - on the cabinets, around the statues, on the floor, among the plants, and in the garden - they just look wonderful. Look out for lovely details on the ceramic, too.

There are also many more collections to help you set up a lovely table..!

silk organza string bags

silk-screen print collection - part II

Good news for those who love our silk-screen print bags - we have just added new items. Beautiful silk organza string bags with the silk-screen prints have arrived. They come in lovely shades of beige, grey, cream, and rosewood, and in 3 sizes (S, M, L).

The delicate-looking bags are perfect for gifts. A set of 3 sizes looks lovely together, and you can use them as a special gift bag (with a shawl inside, for example!). These bags are also great as garment / lingerie bags when you travel.

Together with our travel bags and passport holders, you are set to travel in style..!

perfect for the season...

Looking for ways to create a beautiful table setting for festive dinners? Our stunning silk runners have just arrived. Hand-woven by Pwo Karen tribes in northern Thailand, these runners will help to enhance your table decor. All the patterns are traditional, while colour combinations are modern, making the runners very sophisticated. They are also lovely as bed runners. Comes in 3 sizes - 35x90cm, 35x150cm, and 35x200cm.

A striking collection of baskets created by Balinese women in a village near Ubud. Each expertly hand-woven, the baskets are patterned in earth-toned colours that look both natural and chic. Large baskets make wonderful room docorations, and the smaller baskets are great for gifts.

Both are new and are a limited collection for the season. Hurry while stock lasts..

silk-screen collection

Introducing a silk-screen collection

Our ever-popular silk-screen collection has arrived. This time we have added two new colours - 'grey & light grey' and 'deep sea & ash brown'. Both are very chic colours and rather urban. Of course we will have our popular 'bronze' and 'rosewood' too, so enjoy browsing through a wide collection.

Shoulder bag - The roomy bag has been one of our best-selling items. Great for any occasions, they are very stylish while practical.

Travel bag - A smaller version of the shoulder bag, neatly packed in a matching silk-screen pouch. Perfect for traveling, and also good as an evening bag.

Passport holder - A must for frequent travellers. This elongated compartmentalized holder enables you to organize your travel documents including passport, boarding pass, mileage card, currency, and even visa photos!

Our silk-screen collection is all hand-made with care.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

xmas collection

Our special Christmas cards are hand-made by a group of polio and landmine victim artisans in Cambodia. Paper-cut 'ikat' cards are beautifully made, and depict Khmer cultural icons such as Angkor Wat and traditional dancers as well as festive motifs of Christmas trees, candles and stars.

Hand-crafted by the same artisan group are decorative silk ornaments for your Christmas tree. Each skillfully made, the ornaments of stars, moons, and elephants come in pretty jewel colours. They also look lovely on your door and drawer knobs, in children's rooms, and they of course make great stocking stuffers.

Our recently launched textile collection (Holiday'07) offers a wide range of silks. Scarves and shawls, wall-hangings, table & bed runners are perfect for that special gift. They will set you in the right mood for decorating your rooms and tables for the holiday season.

Start early and enjoy your Xmas shopping..!

new collection

"Tropical Garden"
- Holiday 2007 -

Our new textile collection-- Holiday 2007-- will be launched this month!

We will be holding an open house at emgallery to mark the launch on the 18, 19, and 20th October. Our courtyard and part of the house will be open on these days to showcase our new extensive hand-woven collection. Do enjoy the enchanting environment. We will be serving beverages and light snacks in our courtyard.

Our new palette includes pretty shades of tropical flowers such as corals and pinks and luscious greens. Textured weaves from Cambodia produce very wearable scarves and shawls, and of course beautiful home decorative pieces. From Laos, we are introducing some new prints and motifs, which are based on traditional patterns and are re-worked by em. The collection is very original, with spectacular and creative new concepts woven into the collection.

We will be sending you by post next week an invitation together with our new flyer. If you don't receive it, please let us know your mailing address, so we can send it to you right away.

Meanwhile, do drop by emgallery. We are always happy to see you!

new arrivals

We have some new arrivals to enhance your home decor..

Silk quilted cushions (40x40cm) are now available in brand new colours Emuted coral, pink, blue, and lovely bronze and green. We used smooth silk for this collection, while we still continue with the popular rough silk version in brown shades. They are beautiful to look at and practical for everyday use. Perfect for your dining chairs and benches. 100% Thai silk.

Also new are sea grass mats in different sizes. We now have square mats (100x100cm) framed with cotton borders. Also we are introducing a shorter version of the floor mat (70x160cm) framed with cotton borders. These are great sizes for smaller spaces such as the bedside. From Cambodia.

There are unique ceramic vases and wares from Northern Thailand. They make great ornaments on your console or coffee table. Add a wall-hanging textile, and you will create a very tasteful display area in your home. In black or white.

collections for this holiday season

Enjoying your summer?
Heading out for a vacation?

emgallery has some collections that are perfect for this holiday season.

Our silk scarves & shawls are great to take on your vacation. Light, shimmery, and uniquely designed, they will enhance your holiday outfits. Our pick is Cambodian silk sarongs. They look great and can also be worn as a halter-neck top or casual dress. They will keep you warm during your flight. Shawls and scarves are a great way of spicing up your wardrobe.

Our silk-screen print collection is as popular as ever. The silk bag is roomy and light, making it a perfect travel bag. Smaller version, neatly folded in the matching pouch, is easy to carry and elegant enough for the evening. Our passport holder is a great travel organizer. Its elongated shape holds both passport and boarding pass, with plenty pockets for various cards and a zipped pocket for currency. This all-in-one purse will keep you in shape! Silk-screen organza lingerie bags are another stylish way of sorting your tops, lingerie, and other small items.

If you are a yoga lover, try our raw silk yoga mat bag. You'll love our soothing colours and textured look. You can also use the bag to carry a sea grass mat or beach mat.

Come and browse around our gallery. It will put you right in a mood for holiday..

exhibition at Takashimaya, Japan

emgallery exhibition at Takashimaya in Japan

"Asian Silk Exhibition" - Craftsmanship in Asia Vol.19"
Wed. 18th - Mon. 23th July 2007 At Takashimaya Yokohama, 8F
Wed. 25th - Mon. 30th July 2007 At Takashimaya Nihonbashi, 8F

Following our exhibition at Matusya Ginza, Japan last April, we are participating in the Asian Silk Exhibition at Takashimaya, Japan this month.

Brand new collections from Laos and Cambodia will be introduced at this exhibition, which includes beautiful supplementary weave and ikat wall-hangings, runners, and scarves. Our signature pillows will also be there, as well as our silk bag collection.

This will be our last exhibition in Japan this year, so if you have a chance, please do visit us. Please pass on the information to your friends in Japan, too!

I look forward to seeing you there.

silk-screen print bags

We have just got a new shipment of silk-screen collection. Bags and passport holders are now available in all colours.

Due to our limited stock and popularity of the collection, please do come by early..!

rattan trays & basckets

We have brought in some more Burmese rattan pieces due to popular demand..!

Butler tray table: Height 77cm. This elegant tray table is very versatile. The tray comes off and the wooden legs are collapsible, so you can put it away when you don't need it. Hand-crafted by Burmese artisans, the quality of the workmanship is superb and it is very pretty to look at. It can fit in any space in living to dining to bedroom, creating an instant corner for food & beverages or display. Colour: Natural or White-wash

Low tray table: Height 30cm. While the tray is not detachable, the wooden legs fold in so you can store it easily. This compact table will be ideal for your breakfast-in-bed on weekends, or outdoor picnics. Put it on the floor, throw some floor cushions around it, and enjoy a cozy afternoon chatting over tea or watching TV. You can also place it on a table, which creates a nice 'height', allowing some creating table decoration or setting. Colour: Natural

Bread baskets: L 35cm, S 25cm (dimension). These pretty baskets serve many purposes. Freshly baked breads and pastries look great in them, and so does colourful fruit. You can put some towels in them and place it in your bathroom or powder room, with a flower on top. Make-up items or some accessories can be neatly organized in these baskets, too. Of course the baskets work wonderfully with the tray tables. Colour: Natural or White-wash

Do come and have a look.

crushed & elastic scarves and bags with beads

We have a shimmering collection from Thailand - scarves and bags all made in hand-woven silk. This is one of our signature collections and we now have them in new spring & summer colours.

Silk is crushed with heat and made into stunning scarves, finished with crystal beads at both ends. They are very wearable, both in the daytime or evenings.

Elastic scarves are a bit more complicated to produce as they use elastic to get the shirring effects. There is a flare border around them, which makes the scarves very different.

Lovely handbags are adorned with beads. Slightly padded, the softly shaped bag is very easy to use. Being light-weight, it makes a perfect bag for the evening during your travels.

Exclusively available at emgallery -

spring&summer 07 collections

We have an occasion to celebrate this month - a year has passed since our Grand Opening of emgallery at Blair Road..! We have had a great year and cannot thank you enough for all your support and friendship.

To mark the anniversary and express our thanks to our loyal customers, we are launching our exclusive membership card, emcard. For every purchase of S$80, you will get one stamp. Once you have completed your card (10 stamps), you will be entitled to S$100 worth of merchandise of your choice at emgallery.

emcard can only be applied at our shop. For those who sign up in May 07, we will present you with one free stamp.

There is another reason for coming by our shop this month - our new Spring & Summer 07 collections have arrived..! Beautifully woven home and fashion pieces are now showcased in our shop.

We are also sending you our latest flyer by post this week. If you do not receive it, please let us know your mailing address, and we'll send it to you right away.

We are all looking forward to seeing you at our shop soon..! Our new enhanced map is now available on our web site, with all local transportation details.

mother's day

Have you found special something for your mum yet?

Do drop by emgallery to see a collection of finely hand-crafted items. Beautiful silk scarves and shawls from Laos and Cambodia are perfect for the occasion. We also have an array of silk accessories such as bags and pouches. Our feather pillows in hand-woven silk covers would be great for home-proud mums. Or you might find something in our unique silver and stone jewellery collection.

We will be happy to see you and help you select a special gift...

silk-screen printing bag

Our silk-screen collection has arrived...!

Due to popular demand, we have re-stocked our collection of bags & accessories with silk-screen prints. There are town bags, travel bags (with matching pouches), passport holders, small purses, and silk organza lingerie bags. In popular colours: bronze, rosewood, and passion (purple).

Since each is hand-made, stock is limited. Do come by early.

light & shade

em Exhibition
emgallery will be holding an exhibition at Matsuya Ginza department store 10th to 23rd April 2007.

Matsuya Ginza: 3-6-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Venue: 7F Seasons Studio

home decor

As we celebrate a lunar new year, many of you might be thinking of refreshing up your home and perhaps redecorating. If you are, we can help you.

Starting now until the end of March, we are running a 'home decor' campaign. Why not:
* think of coordinating your home under a different colour scheme?
* dress up your sofa with an array of silk pillows?
* impress your guests with a new bed collection (bed spread, throws, cushions, etc.)?
* add an Asian accent to your home such as wall-hanging tapestries, table runners, and cushions?
* consult us to coordinate your home?

During this period of promotion, we are not only equipped to help you with the decorative projects, but also offer you special benefits that include:

- 10% off for one purchase of our pillows and cushions worth S$250 and above.
- 10% off for one purchase of our pillows, cushions, and textiles worth S$500 and above.
- free in-store consultations for home decoration and styling (by appointment)

Do take this opportunity to tackle your home decoration projects - it will be much more fun than you think..!

For further enquiries, call us at 6475-6941, or write to Emiko

new collection

We are adding more new items to our collection. Long-waited quilted seat cushions in Thai silk have arrived (picture left). They look beautiful as ever in a gradation of browns and beige. Perfect for your dining chairs.

One of our most exciting collections this season is the silk-screen range from Cambodia (picture right). We have added two new colours, rosewood and passion (purple), and also created new items such as passport holders, travel bags in matching pouches, and lingerie bags. All the items are very popular, so hurry to view.

New scarves and shawls from Laos and Cambodia are in and have been tremendously popular. New spring colours in yellow and mint are luminous. New 'pleated' woven designs make a gorgeous shawl.

Last but not least, our Christmas ornaments (stars, moon, & elephants), made of Cambodian silk, have been a great hit, particularly with the new 'earth-toned' colours. If you are writing last-minute Christmas cards, our paper-cut ikat Christmas cards are hand-crafted by the Cambodian landmine victim artisans and are very unique.

christmas @ emgallery

For this coming festive season, we will be offering you many new exciting collections, as well as ways to make your holiday season special. We are full of ideas for gifts, decorations, and looking stylish in our theme 'ethnic chic'.

emgallery will help you dress up your sofas with hand-woven silk pillows and throws, while you can coordinate your table with our runners, placemats, coasters, table napkins, and candles. We will also bring for this season a very unique collection of decorative umbrellas, gold-and-cream songket fabric, and very original wooden bowls and trays, all from Bali. Our wider selection of lovely ikat Christmas cards and silk ornaments from Cambodia will put you in a festive mood instantly.

We will be introducing many new pieces from our signature collection of Cambodian and Lao silks. Our one-of-a-kind silk shawls and wraps will surely add style to your holiday season wardrobe. We have added new colours and items to our ever-popular silk-screen print collection. Rosewood and Passion are our latest stylish colours, while our new 'travel' collection inspires you to travel in style. You can finish off the look with our original collection of jewellery.

Apart from our new collections for this season, we have also put together special 'gift packages', which not only look nice but also offer you wonderful ideas for coordinating your home and wardrobe. Perfect gifts for your friends and family. Many special wrapping and packaging materials are available including hand-made wrapping papers, boxes, and organza gift bags. Gift vouchers are also available.

You will receive our original gift if your one-purchase is over S$150. Valid until the end of December 2006.


Come and join us at our forthcoming event 'all about cushions' . Cushions are one of our specialties, and in this event we will be showcasing various ways to coordinate cushions, from accent pillows, seating cushions to floor cushions, to name a few. You will see how pillows are put together and create a style. We can also help you to find the look you like by experimenting on the spot.
Furthermore, those who purchase our pillows during this event are entitled to the following benefits:

If your purchase of em pillows is over S$300, you will receive a voucher worth S$30 or a gift of seagrass mats.
For your pillow purchases over S$500, you will get a voucher worth S$50 or a gift of runner.

Don't miss this opportunity to explore em cushions. It will be a great fun!
Date & Time:

Thursday28      September 2006:       10am to 7pm(Talk: 10am/Jp 2pm/En)
Friday29           September 2006:       10am to 7pm(Talk: 10am/Jp 2pm/En)
Saturday30       September 2006:       11am to 6pm(Talk: 11am/Jp 3pm/En)

* Guided talk by Emiko about cushions will be organized at the above times (Japanese / English). Please let us know if you are interested in attending them. (First 20 applicants per session only)

5 Blair Road Singapore 089905 Tel: 6475 6941
R.S.V.P. (for Guided talk)
Emiko ( / 9626 6751)
Hiromi ( / 6475 6941)

* We will be serving some drinks and refreshments.

lao ikat collection

OEthnic Chic ... discover the ikat collection at emgallery

emgallery introduces a striking collection of ikat pieces from Laos. Inspired by the colours and motifs of Africa, em's weavers in Laos have produced a beautiful collection using traditional natural dyeing and weaving methods.
The collection consists of silk scarves, wall-hangings, pillows, and cotton rugs.The colours are rich earth tones. Now all ranges available at emgallery.

more images... more

silk-screen printing bag

Our popular Cambodian silk-screen bags are back in stock..!

Light-weight bags are made of Coamobian silk and come in chic, shimmery colours of gold, bronze, and chocolate brown. Using silk-screen printing methods, each bag is superbly hand-crafted featuring floral or leaf patterns. Matching small purses are also available. Perfect for town, travelling, and gifts.

We have also rearranged our shop - do come and have a look..!

you will find previous collections and some samples such as scarves, shawls, bags, lacquerware, wooden ware, etc. at this special event. we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support.

do not miss this rare occasion..!

thursday 22nd - friday 23rd june 2006 10am - 6pm
saturday 24th june 2006 11am - 6pm

silver jewellery from laos

Come and have a look at our Silver Jewellery Collection from Laos. The collection of silver chokers, necklaces, and earrings are finely hand-crafted by Lao silver artisans.
Designs are based on the typical Lao motifs and styles such as northern hilltribe-inspired discs, their national flower Frangipani, and some patterns often seen in their traditional weaving.
Using the superior 925 silver, the designs are cut, curved, and scalloped into wonderful original shapes. Modern yet classic, em's silver pieces are a unique expression of style. And they will be a perfect complement to em's silk scarves and shawls.
Now available at emgallery in limited stock.

more information... more

african collection

emgallery will be celebrating its Grand Opening on 5th (Fri) & 6th (Sat) May. The occasion will mark the opening of the second floor and you can enjoy extended emgallery and its exciting new collection! Pencil in the dates in your calendar!


Friday 5th May 2006 10am - 7pm
Saturday 6th May 2006 11am - 5pm

R.S.V.P. (by 28th April 06)
9626 6751 (Emiko) / 6475 6941 (Hiromi)

ethnic chic 'Out of Africa'

em Exhibition
emgallery will be holding an exhibition at Matsuya Ginza department store 28th March to 10th April 2006.

Matsuya Ginza: 3-6-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Venue: 7F Seasons Studio

silk-screen printing bag

more information... more

emgallery shop

em is excited to announce the opening of our new shop, right in the heart of the beautifully conserved area of Chinatown. No.5 Blair Road is our new address and we have set up our gallery in the shophouse. em's customers and friends have been asking for years for a centrally-located shop to keep up to date with em's latest collections and activities. The historical house and setting are perfect to showcase emcollection...

emgallery is now open 12.00-5.00pm from Monday to Saturday. But of course people can continue to visit by appointment throughout the day. Closed on Sunday. Emiko will carry on adding her personal touch both to her new gallery and to her service.

em xmas collection

We have a new source of people in Cambodia who will be producing emcollection. The group assists and works with landmine and polio disabled people in Cambodia and these artisans are now producing beautiful products with a high level of craftsmanship.

We have enchanting Christmas ornaments made of Cambodian silk. Colourful as gems, silk ornaments of stars, moons, and elephants - adorned with sparkling sequences and silver thread - will dress your Christmas tree beautifully.
For the season, we also have Christmas cards made by these artisans. Paper cut combined with the traditional Cambodian ikat fabric creates a lovely effect. There are four designs.
Apart from the seasonal items, the group is also making a strong fashion statement with our new collection of silk hand bags. Using rough silk woven in Cambodia, tote bags come in 3 sizes. The smallest one sports hand-braided silk handles, and are great for the evening outing or a gift. We have a matching set of purses, which organize your totes very efficiently and beautifully. Also part of the range is the travel cases (set of 2), which look smart enough for your business trips. The tote bags and travel case have a lovely leaf design. The colours for this collection are bronze green, jungle green and chocolate brown.
With another project in Cambodia, we are going even more fashionable with a series of silk-printed swing bags. Also made of hand-woven silk, we have a striking Botanical design theme, which looks very chic in earthy tones such as bronze and chocolate. The roomy bags are great for both town and travelling. Must to have!

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