Christmas Village Christmas

Our latest collection of celadon-ware has arrived from the north of Thailand.

Flowers in Bloom!

This collection has a floral theme - frangipani is beautifully embedded in square plates (S, M, L) as well as in mini stem dishes. Orchid flower-shaped plates are also lovely.

Square Plates

We are introducing square plates for the first time. Coming in 3 sizes, they can be used on their own or as a base upon which you can stack another plate (a white plate, for instance).  

Celadon Bule & Green
Our dishes come in 3 shades - Celadon Blue (classic light celadon green), Indigo Green (darker bluish green), and Indigo with white foam (Indigo with white foam in the centre). They are all unique!

Mugs and Stem Dishes
Mugs are great. They are not too large and not too small, and come in 2 shades of green. Small Orchid plates can be used perfectly as a saucer. Frangipani Stem dishes are adorable. These small dishes are truly versatile. You can put sauce in them and place them on one of the square plates or Orchid plates, or they can be used as tea light candle holders.

We hope to see you soon!

Christmas Village Christmas

We are in a Christmas mood! Themed in Red, our Christmas collection is looking very cheerful. Using the Lao traditional crafts such as weaving, embroidery, and applique, our Christmas collection ranges from textiles to home accessories to gift items. We are currently showcasing in our shop how to celebrate the seasonal festivities.

Sparkling silk ornaments and a variety of lovely Xmas cards are also in our shop. All hand-crafted, the Asia-inspired greeting cards are popular every year. In addition to our Cambodian ikat greeting cards, we have another kind of hand-crafted Xmas cards from Laos this year - they are just so adorable! Do come early to find the designs you like.

Last but not least, we have a lovely collection of 'elephants'. Apart from silk elephants, there are elephants wearing hill tribe costumes as well as hand-spun cotton indigo elephants. They come in different sizes - even a mobile with a few mini elephants hanging together. So cute. They make great gifts this season.

Happy Holidays from emgallery!

Folklore Folklore

Our new textile collection 'Folklore' is inspired by the colourful scenes at the cross road of East and West. Spice colours run through the collection, conjuring up the image of bustling bazaars and nomadic costumes.

Cotton and silk mixed with cotton define this collection, seen in woven rugs, cushions, and throws. That said, our silk collection of tapestries is looking stronger than ever. In warm hues and beautifully woven patterns, they also depict a wonderful folk tale.

Our new range of scarves are very cool. Using tie-dye and dip-dye technique, our scarves are right out of a hippie trail, yet refined in hand-woven silk. The 'craft' look is also present in our loosely woven 'fishnet' scarves.

Silk Tai Lue Red

Introducing our Second Collection of VILLAGEWORKS
19th - 22nd October, 2013

Our second VILLAGEWORKS Collection comes from a Tai Lue village in northern Laos. Tai Lue are one of many ethnic groups residing in Laos and the majority are farmers.

Tai Lue women are renowned for producing beautiful cotton and silk textiles and their skilled use of natural dyes. I was particularly drawn to the deep red they produce using the Lac insects they collect locally. Lac is used widely in Laos but only in this area can this deep crimson red be produced. Furthermore, Lac can be collected only once a year, which makes the hunt for the 'red' even more valuable!

Tai Lue Textiles & Bags
Using their expertly woven textiles in Red & Indigo, I have developed a collection of bags that are truly unique and fashionable. Their textiles are made with organic cotton. They will beautifully adorn your home and they are strong enough to put to practical use as tablecloths, cushions, and blankets. That is how the Tai Lue people have used them at their homes, as well as wearing them.

Paper Umbrellas
This craft is traditionally made in Xieng Khouang province in northern Laos. Papers are dyed in warm bright colours, which look particularly enchanting when emanating diffused light. The umbrellas provide wonderful Asian accents to your home.

While in Xieng Khouang province, some baskets caught my eye. Basketry is fast disappearing in Southeast Asia and it is increasingly difficult to find nice baskets. These baskets are very well made and follow the traditional pattern and methods. Some are made by Tai Dam people, and some by Khmu people, both of whom are known to be expert basket crafters.

Village works have always been the inspiration behind my collections of textiles and crafts. I am very happy to be able to share my experience with the villagers and their wonderful gifts.

We hope many of you will join our latest exhibition of V I L L A G E W O R K S!

V I L L A G E W O R K S - New Collection Launch

19th & 20th October 2013  11am - 7pm
21st & 22nd October 2013  10am - 7pm
emgallery  (Tel: 6475 6941)
Blk 16, #01-04/05 Dempsey Road, Singapore 249685

** Lao Mulberry Tea will be served during the event period.
** You will receive Hmong batik and embroidery bookmarks if you purchase over S$50 of our V I L L A G E W O R K S items during the event period (while supplies last!).

Silk Silk printed bags

Silk printed bags and accessories are here..!

Our new shipment of silk-printed bags and accessories are now in our gallery.

The latest collection is all about muted metal colours - bronze, copper, brass, nickel, and blackened silver. Their understated shimmer and elegance make these bags and accessories very special. The floral patterns (Water lily) are precious in contrasting complementary colours against the metal hues.

The classic line-up is in stock - shoulder bags, travel bags (in matching pouch), passport cases, and mobile swing bags. Mobile bag straps are now made in the silk-printed silk, looking prettier than ever.

Silk bags are light and fashionable. Like a silk scarf, they adorn your outfit and make a stylish difference to your coordinated look.

Our silk clothing line, boheme, in also in a sparkling order. We have recently re-stocked popular Nomadic Cardigans. And more on the way in new colours.

Our silks are all hand-woven using carefully selected yarns and colours. Our weavers and tailors are equally skilled people who create wonderful collections by and for emgallery. Enjoy our silk pieces for your home and wardrobe!

We look forward to seeing you soon at our gallery.

Silk Summer Sale...!

Summer Clearance Sale @emgallery

18(Thu), 19(Fri) & 20(Sat) July, 2013

We are holding a summer sale to clear some of our items before our new collection arrives in autumn. Our sale items include:

◊ Scarves & Shawls
◊ Bags
◊ Wall-hangings
◊ Runners & Throws
◊ Pillows
◊ Accessories

10% up to 50% OFF

18 (Thu) & 19 (Fri) July  10am−7pm
20 (Sat) July  11am−7pm

Blk 16, #01-04/05 Dempsey Road, Singapore 249685
Tel: 6475 6941

Don't miss out this rare opportunity at emgallery...!

*em card redemption does not apply for purchasing discounted items.
*em stamp accrual does not apply for discounted items.
*em stamp card can be redeemed or accrued for regular-priced items.
*No refunds or returns are allowed for the discounted items.

Silk Silk for your home...!

Summer season has arrived (despite the haze) and many of you must be on your way out for your vacations. We are also getting many tourists in our shop. So here are some ideas for summer gifts.

Silk Scarves & Interior Pieces
We specialize in silks and there are many things that might be just right for your gifts. Our scarves are of course our signature items. While they are woven by indigenous weavers in Laos and Cambodia, the designs and colours are uniquely put together by em and they will make a great gift from Southeast Asia. Textiles are light, easy to pack, and can be used both as scarves and home décor pieces. Alternatively, you can select some silk pillow cases, which are also of our original designs. Our bamboo textile hangers are always thoughtful gifts to help hang tapestries on the wall.

We have a variety of bags to offer at our gallery. Silk-screen bags and accessories are always popular. Bamboo woven bags and purses are lovely and just right for the season. We trim our bamboo bags with our silks. Smaller bags and cases for mobile phones, i-Pads, and passports are also good idea for gifts.

Necklaces & Corsages
Silk bobbin necklaces and silk corsages are adorable. We use remnants of our silk yarns and fabrics to make these small items, so naturally they coordinate with our scarves and clothes.

Silk Ornaments
Cambodian silk ornaments are probably one of the most popular gift items at our shop. Made by the landmine and polio victim artisans, these silk stars, elephants, balls, and moon & stars are colourful and sparkling.

Above are some of our suggestions for your gifts. There are many more items currently at our gallery for you to view. We also offer a very nice gift-wrapping.

Silk Silk for your home...!

Rare arrival of Karen baskets!

A small but wonderful collection of baskets by the Karen people in northern Thailand has arrived at our gallery.

Basketry is one of my favourite crafts that also involve weaving. While basketry is a traditional craft in Southeast Asia, it is acutely noted that less and less are made in recent years. I used to encounter lovely antique baskets in the region, which have virtually disappeared, and the artisans who have continued with the art are now disappearing.

The story of these Karen baskets is a similar one. These baskets are made in the far north Province of Northern Thailand by the people of the Karen tribes called Pwo Karen. To this day, I have not seen any baskets made better than their baskets. In recent years the Karen, mostly the refugees, are finding new home outside Asia. The number of the basket crafters has halved, and we wait much longer for the crafts to be made.

This time, I have brought a little over twenty pieces of the gorgeous baskets. They are made as superbly as ever and again we are very proud to have them in our gallery. Among them are Dome baskets, Drum baskets, Hanoi baskets (so beautiful!), Burmese baskets, Rice Storage baskets, Sewing baskets, and Oval baskets. Each has a story of its own, which we have provided with the baskets.

Karen baskets are very popular and are becoming such a rarity even for us. They are now showcased in our gallery for you to view.

For enquiries, please call 9626-6751. We hope to see you soon!

Silk Silk for your home...!

Fresh as a breeze...

How about refreshing your home with some new décor pieces? Look no further than our lovely silk pillows and some beautifully woven tapestries that we are offering at our gallery.

Our current 'Botanica' collection offers uniquely designed textiles and pillows. We have translated some botanical inspired designs such as plants, leaves, flowers, and shells into Lao traditional weaving. Some are pictorials in woven motifs, some expressed in textures. Most notably the shades of greens, browns, indigos, and earth reds tell the story.

Browse around the second floor of the shop for an array of pillows. Pillows are a great accent for your home and greatly enhance the whole ambience. If you would like to provide your room with a splash of colour or a certain theme, the pillows may just do that for you. Aside from the colours, our pillows come in various sizes of square and rectangular, which add the depth to your display.

Our silk tapestries would definitely make a statement in your room. Woven charms are evident in intricate supplementary weaves as well as stylish ikats. Many people opt for using the fabrics as wall-hangings. Textiles are a wonderful form of art, and right pieces instantly change your rooms.

We also have other home collections such as sea grass mats and crockery from Cambodia. Decorating a home is a lot of fun, and your home will be as fresh as a breeze.

We hope to see you soon at our gallery!

Botanica emgallery's latest collection Botanica

emgallery's exhibition in Kobe, Japan
'B o t a n i c a'
Modern Asia Style in Textiles for Home & Fashion

Date: 27 February - 12 March, 2013
Time: 10am - 8pm (last day until 5pm)
Venue: Daimaru Kobe, 7F Kurashi-no-Gallery

We are holding our exhibition in Kobe, Japan, this spring. We are excited to tell you that this is our first show in the Kansai region!

In this exhibition, we will be presenting our latest textile collection 'Botanica'. Botanical-inspired hand-woven pieces include wall-hangings, tapestries, runners, and pillow covers, as well as fashion items such as scarves, shawls, bags, and other accessories. Soothing shades of various greens in harmony with camel, brown, orange depict a lush Botanical scene.

We will be presenting new designs of our clothing collection 'boheme', before they premier in Singapore. Dresses and blouses in soft silk trimmed with organza are very pretty. Our new 'pant-skirt' (is it pant, or skirt?) is unique and really cool. And there is the petticoat we have created, which is made in the softest and lightest silk crepe with an organza fringe hem…just lovely! Colours are chic in Dove, Biscotti, and Soft Sand. Our shawls and silk accessories will complete the look.

If you are by any chance visiting Kobe or are in the Kansai area during the exhibition, we hope you might be able to drop by to see us!

Botanica emgallery's latest collection Botanica

Our new collection launch is tomorrow..!

Our new textile collection 'Botanica' is inspired by the lush nature of the botanical world. Various shades of green from leaves, trees, and vines are reflected on our weaving pieces, with patterned motifs and tactile textured effects. Other hues include camel, indigo, brick, and orange. It is a very natural, warm collection.

New collection of textiles and accessories is both for home and fashion. Plant-inspired patterns look dramatic when translated into different techniques of weaving, such as supplementary weave or ikat. Our pieces are subtle and contemporary.

Also arrived are our popular silk-screen bag & accessories in Water Lily designs. Several types of bags, pouches, passport holders are available in soft colours.

Our long-awaited sea grass collection has just arrived it in time for the launch. Long rains in Cambodia prolonged our production period for sea grass, but we now have in stock beautiful floor mats, runners, placemats, and coasters.

We look forward to seeing you at our new textile collection launch TOMORROW!

* Special launch gift for the period of 1-3 February, 2013*

Our lovely sea grass coasters will be presented to you for purchases over S$100 from our new Botanica textile collection during this period. (While stock lasts.)

Botanica emgallery's latest collection Botanica

emgallery's latest collection
B o t a n i c a
textiles for home & fashion

We are launching a new textile collection this weekend. It is our first major collection in a year!

emgallery's latest textile collection depicts the tactile world of Botany. Imagine an old courtyard - crawling ivy, overgrown leafy plants, shady trees, huge leaves, delicate fern... Various shades of greens and textures are juxtaposed to create the lush Botanical scene. Moody indigo, rustic camel, brown, and amber shades harmonize, while turquoise and orange add the sparkle to the collection. Woven motifs of leaves, shells, and flowers further enhance the theme.

*Textiles for home*
Our new silk wall-hanging pieces include some dramatic patterns created by Lao traditional weaving methods. Raised patterns in botanical designs and bold ikat tapestries will beautifully adorn your home. Table runners and cushions provide lovely accents.

*Fashion accessories*
We have created some very pretty scarves using soft shimmering silks. Open weave with silk knots combining rough and smooth silk give a nice textured look. Sheer chiffon organza shawls are perfect for spring outings. Our new silk monk bags with bold pom pom are just fun and funky.

We hope to see many of you at our new textile collection launch!

* Special launch gift for the period of 1-3 February, 2013*

Our lovely sea grass coasters will be presented to you for over S$100 purchases of our new items during this period. (While stock lasts.)

Christmas Ornament HappyHolidays

emgallery has a couple of new items...

Lovely necklaces are made from natural seeds in Cambodia. We have 3 colours combined - red, white, and dark brown. The deep crimson red looks wonderful, particularly during the festive season. Design varies from a simple strand to clusters to flower designs. Seeds are all natural and indigenous to Cambodia.

Just in from our weavers from Laos are beautiful iPad cases. The 2 designs are both hand-woven and come in chic colours of grey, blue grey, and faded pink (suitable both for men & women!). Removable straps are in cotton and of Taliang weaving. Perfect for iPads, but of course they are lovely as small bags to carry around.

We would like to thank you so much for all your support this year. We'll continue committed to create wonderful textiles and hand-crafted works in the coming year.

Next spring, we will be holding our first show in Kobe, at Daimaru Department Store. Should you or your friends happen to be in the area, please pop by to see us. (27 February - 12 March, 2013)

Wishing you happy holidays and a great 2013..!

Christmas Ornament Silk Ornaments and ikat cards for Xmas

Think Pink with Our Scarves...!
- Sparkling scarf promotion from now till X'mas -

We are running our special scarf promotion 'Think Pink!' A collection of scarves, mainly in pink and pink-related colours, are offered 10% off for one, and 20% off for more than one. Only during the period from now till Christmas Eve (24 December' 12).

If you are looking for that special gift, a scarf might add sparkle to that special someone's day. We have a variety of silk scarves, which are all hand-woven by our weavers in Laos and Cambodia. Our pink shades vary from a petal pink to sunny pink to lavender to purple. Some are in prettiest pink and some in moody mauve. Some are woven with indigenous patterns, while others come in modern stripes and checks... or even simply solid colours. A pretty scarf is like a pretty flower. We think it will brighten up anyone's day!

For those who might not opt for pinks, don't worry, we also have other colours on offer. Scarves can also be used for interior dècor such as wall-hangings, table runners, and bed throws. Why not create a stylish table setting for this holiday season using lovely silks?

em's scarves are all originally designed for and by emgallery - very unique in designs and colours with the finest quality of weaving. Do browse through our collection of scarves in this special promotion.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Please note:
* em stamp card will not be accrued on your purchases of our promotional items.
** em stamp card redemption (S$100) will not apply for the promotional items.
*** No refund or returns of the promotional items are accepted. Exchange of the items is possible

Shop Opening Hours During Holiday Season:
24 December, 2012 10am - 4pm
25 December, 2012 Closed
31 December, 2012 10am - 4pm
1 & 2 January, 2012 Closed
from 3 Jan, 2012 Open as usual
Christmas Ornament Silk Ornaments and ikat cards for Xmas

Please join us in our new project launch 'VillageWorks' by emgallery

Over the last ten years, I have frequently travelled to Southeast Asia to create my own collections of textiles for home and fashion. Along the way, I have encountered myriad wonderful crafters who never cease to amaze me by what they are capable of producing using their traditional skills.

There are more than 50 different ethnic groups in Laos alone. Each ethnic group has their own tradition of arts and handicrafts. A lot of inspiration for my collections come from these village arts. I have long wanted to give more focus on these indigenous arts in their own right. This thought has become the basis for my VillageWorks.

In this launch of VillageWorks, we will be bringing in a lovely Indigo cotton collection of tapestries, handmade bags, and table linens from both Northern West and South of Laos where organic cotton is produced. From Southern Province of Pakse, we have banana fibre textiles with beads. Paper umbrellas, traditionally made in Xieng Khouang Province, are a great ambience enhancer. While these are all from Laos, I have a very special limited collection of Native American jewellery, mainly of turquoise and oyster.

We hope this project will deepen your interest in these precious works of traditional arts.

VillageWorks Launch at emgallery

Special Launch Period : 23-25 November, 2012 / 10am - 7pm
Venue : emgallery (Blk 16 Dempsey Road, #01-04/05 Tel : 6475-6941)

Lao Hill Tribe Green Tea will be served
Handmade bookmarks will be presented for over S$50 purchases during this period (while stock lasts)
Please note the 'VillageWorks' items are in limited quantities **


Christmas Ornament Silk Ornaments and ikat cards for Xmas

Silk Ornaments and ikat cards for Xmas.

Our unique silk ornaments and greeting cards are here, just in time for the festive season. Hand-made by the group of Polio and landmine victim artisans in Cambodia, the ornaments in silk are adorned by sequins and nicely padded with a silver string to hang.

Stars, Elephants, and Stars & Moon - Our signature ornaments are back in bright colours this year. They look great on Christmas trees but also make great gifts. Stars come in three sizes.

Xmas trees and Xmas balls - Specially made for the festive season, they are adorable and add cheer to your seasonal decorations. This year, Xmas balls are introduced for the first time.

Ikat Xmas cards - In addition to our popular ikat cards in Elephant, Dancer, and Angkor Wat designs, the Xmas-themed cards are added to our collection - Trees, Candles, Camel & Star, Reindeer to name a few. Cards are made with paper cuts with Cambodian ikat fabric beneath. Very special.

These ornaments are very popular during the season. Do hurry to select your favourites!

Silk em's new silk bag

our delicate organza bags...

Our silk-screen printed organza bags are back in stock... in lovely Water Lilly prints!

The bags come in 3 sizes - large (30x40cm), medium (20x30cm), and small (15x20cm). We have chosen soft shades for the bags - lilac, beige, soft moss, light grey, olive, and blue grey.

Small organza bags are perfect for organizing small items that can be lost in your handbags. They are pretty to look at and the feather-light texture makes them easy to carry in your bag. Scarves and light garments can be put away nicely in the bags without taking much space. Sheer means you can see what is in the bags.

We also have plain organza bags that go with the printed bags. They come in several shades so you can even sort out your items by colour!

Many people choose our organza bags for gifts. You can coordinate the prints as well as different sizes. They are pretty and practical. Using Cambodian hand-woven silk, they make a great gift. We also do gift-wrapping.

Enjoy the latest addition to our silk accessories. Something delicate, and something special.

Silk em's new silk bag

Fun & Lovely!

We would like to introduce our new items - silk hand phone swing cases and lovely jewellery rolls. The latest collection is made from our renowned Cambodian silk. We usually weave this beautiful silk in the north of Cambodia to create our collection of shawls and pillowcases, but this time we have created some accessories using the silk. They look absolutely adorable!

We are continuing to produce our major textile collections, with one or two new launches a year (a new collection is underway as we speak...). These are the collections Emiko puts all her efforts and passion into creating from scratch. At the same time, we have been experimenting with our accessory pieces such as bags, purses, corsages, and necklaces using our silk. These items are fun, handy, and make great gifts - in other words, a great way to expand the collection of our favoured material, silk.

As usual, we have applied our cautious eye to workmanship. We are very pleased with the results!

The new hand phone cases and jewellery rolls are now in our shop. Do come and have a look. And it is never too early to start Christmas shopping...!

Boheme em's new silk bag

Popular items are back in stock..!

We have received a new shipment of our soft silk clothing.

Re-stocked are Boho sleeveless tunics, Nomadic sleeveless cardigans, and flowing Island dresses. These items have been particularly popular and were out of stock for a while.

Our clothes are hand-made by our tailors in Cambodia, using hand-woven silks. Our signature colours are subtle and shimmering, currently running in Dove, Soft Lilac, Silver Grey, and Light Moss. We like light, airy silk clothes that can be casually worn but also look stylish.

There are a number of items available at our gallery that complement our clothing. Silk scarves always complete the look, and now we have a collection of delicate shades of greys, purples, lilacs, and soft greens that go great with our clothing. And there are lovely silk organza flower corsages, which look wonderful on our garments. There is now a new shade, 'moss' (seen in picture).

Do come by and browse around our new pieces. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Silk bag em's new silk bag

Brand new bags woven in Laos have arrived..!

Our new silk bags have just arrived.

One of the bags is a very versatile shoulder bag using a rough-textured wild silk embellished with a striking ikat pattern. In earth hues, the bag's versatility comes in the way of closure. By just zipping the top, it is a roomy carrier. While unzipped but fastened with a magnet you can use it more casually. Once you tuck the sides in using the buttons, however, the bag becomes much smaller and more of an elegant handbag.

Another new bag is a small handbag. With a cross-woven chequered panel in the middle as an inset, the bag has an artisan feel. String-pull closure makes it look more interesting as well. The bags come in four interesting colour combinations, from soft to deeper tones.

Both bags use hand-woven Lao silk, using the traditional methods of natural dyeing.

Enjoy the beauty of hand-crafted bags with a modern flair.

Cushon 伊勢丹

15(Fri) - 20(Wed) June, 2012 @emgallery

Pillows are wonderful. You can scatter them, pile them, sit on them, and hug them..! They offer you beauty as well as comfort.

Why not explore the potential of pillows in our pillow promotion event 'Passion for Cushions' this week? There will be a special privilege on your pillow purchases during the event, which is not to miss! Furthermore, private coordination sessions with the owner can be arranged by appointment during the event - a chance to really get to know about em pillows and to pick up some good tips! (Bring some photos of your room for the actual simulation.)

Many of you have visited our gallery to look at our pillow collection, which widely varies by collection. Pillows are one of our favorite collections. I remember wandering in town (in vain) to look for the pillows I wanted. I realized quickly that it was hard to find the pillows you really like. Hence my keen interest to develop really nice and interesting pillows...

After many seasons, we have now a wide enough collection with many different looks - classic, ethnic, or resort. Or we can go by colours - greens, indigos, mauves, or the combinations of two or more. Used as accents in a room or for practical reasons, they can work wonders for your room.

Do join our special pillow promotion event 'Passion for Cushions' this week.

P A S S I O N  F O R  C U S H I O N S

15 (Fri) June
16 (Sat) & 17 (Sun) June
18 (Mon) - 20 (Wed) June 
10am - 7pm
11am - 7pm
10am - 7pm
VENUE: emgallery
S$50 OFF with minimum S$300 purchase from our regular-priced pillow collection
S$100 OFF with minimum S$500 purchase from our regular-priced pillow collection
Clearance Sale on some previous pillow collections
(Offer includes cushion covers, feather cushion inserts, and quilted cushions!)
Tour of the pillow collection and talk & advice on pillows by Emiko (owner/designer). By appointment only. Please e-mail back or call 6475-6941.
The offer only applies during the event.
No refunds or returns are allowed for the discounted items.
em card redemption does not apply for purchasing the discounted items during the event.
em stamp card can be redeemed or accrued for regular-priced items.
Noren Silk cushon

We have three new exciting colours added to our collection of silk quilted cushions.

Last month we received the first shipment of the cushions in lovely gold & bronze colours. Now we have three more colours that complement each other. Each cushion has different colours on back and front, making it reversible and doubling the fun!

Flame Red & Tangerine Orange: This combination is perhaps the most vibrant of all. The hues are deep rather than vivid, and perfect if you want a splash of colours in your home.

Aqua Green & Soft Moss: Very nice indeed. Aqua Green is the colour of sea green and the other side - Soft Moss - is a greyish shimmery green.

Cornflower Blue & Mid-night Blue: Classic combination of blues. Can be used elegantly in the living/dining area, but also great for boy's room or study.

Champaign Gold & peru: Subtle and tasteful. Looks great together with Aqua Green & Soft Moss, or also with Cornflower Blue & Mid-night Blue. Very soothing.

As always, our quilted cushions are expertly made in Thailand using beautiful Thai silk. With 1kg of poly fillings, the cushions are firm and oh-so-comfortable on your chairs and benches.

The cushions are now available at emgallery. We hope you'll drop by to have a look and try them in our shop!

Noren Silk Ornaments

Find us @Isetan Scotts...!

Date : 4th to 10th May, 2012 (10am -9.30pm)
Venue : Isetan Scotts L2 (Second Floor)

We are very excited to tell you that emgallery will have a spot at Isetan Scotts this & next week! We will be setting our 'flash shop' within the department store for a week.

Here are some of our collections you'll see in Isetan...

Silk clothes: Our 'boheme' line's beautiful silk tops, tunics, dresses and light coats will be shown. For this event, we will be introducing some new styles and colours. Enjoy our light-weight feminine yet modern collection of silk wear.

Hand-woven scarves: An array of artistically woven scarves and wraps is em's signature collection. Our scarves are all originally designed and are no like others. Find one for yourself, or others as a special gift.

Silk bags & accessories: Our silk-screen printed bags and purses are great accessories for anyone, any time and anywhere. Accessorize with our pretty silk organza corsages (also in new colours!).

Home décor: Textile arts for home. You will see how textiles can make a difference to your home, from runners to wall-hanging tapestries to accent pillows.

Most of all, we are very thrilled to make our presence in the heart of Orchard! We are hoping the location makes it easier for some of you to drop by, and of course we will be open from 10am till 9.30pm at Isetan Scotts, so you can stroll in after work or dinner out...

We hope you will come and see us at Isetan Scotts for this special event!

Noren Silk Ornaments

Silk printed bags and accessories are in..!

Our new shipment of silk-printed bags and accessories has just arrived.

We can't tell you how popular our printed silk items have been. Our silk-screened bags have been part of our collection since the very early days. Printed on hand-woven Cambodian silk, the work is beautifully done and the collection grew from just a bag to lovely accessories such as passport holders, small purses, and mobile phone cases. New bag designs also increased the variety.

In the latest shipment, we have classic shoulder bags (with longer straps) and travelling bags (with a smaller bag nested in the matching pouch), as well as passport holders, mobile swing cases, and mini purses (perfect for holding cards). The pattern is floral and the shades include muted bronze, soft pinks, amber, metallic chocolate, and warm grey. Very wearable and fashionable..!

Silk bags are very light making it very easy to carry in town or when travelling. Our silk printed collection is uniquely designed and styled by emgallery.

Noren Silk Ornaments

Woven beauty for your home...

Noren is a cloth divider that is traditionally used at the entrance from olden times in Japan. Typically two or three clothes are sewn together at the top, creating partings so people can easily enter or exit the rooms. While noren are still widely used in Japan for shop or eatery entrances (hung outside for 'Open' and inside for 'Closed'), many homes enjoy noren between the rooms as pleasant dividers of the space.

Our silk organza noren woven in Laos have been a very popular item since the start of our gallery. It is practical and also another way of displaying a beautiful textile in your home. Its sheer texture provides an opaque view of the rooms without blocking the light and breeze. Its presence creates a very nice ambience to the rooms.Our newly arrived noren collection shows a beautiful weaving art such as open weave (lacy effect) and raised woven patterns (subtle but striking). The colours are very soothing - shades of blues and indigo, sand beige to light grey, and petal colours. Think of a resort or spa..!

Our organza collection also includes many shawls, scarves, and home tapestries.

silk Silk Ornaments

Our ever-so-popular silk quilted cushions are back in stock. The first shipment brings lovely shades of bronze and gold. Over the next few months, additional colours will come in, mostly wonderfully saturated hues.

The silk is hand-woven in northern Thailand by expert weavers. Before quilting, they encase the fillings in a cotton bag for extra durability. Our poly fillings weigh 1 kg, making the cushion strong and firm. The fullness is one of the best features of our quilted cushions, which we believe are unique and unlike others in the market. You will enjoy the longevity of these cushions.

The colours are exclusively coordinated by emgallery. We have run many different shades - though always soft and muted - and all were very well received. This latest collection offers a wider palette of 10 colours. They complement each other, so you can pick and mix any of them, or you can select your favourite one or two for a more coordinated look.

Check out our new stock of quilted cushions. Enjoy a true luxurious comfort..!

Christmas Silk Ornaments

Our new clothing label 'boheme' continues to progress. Our recent addition-- silk organza-- is very popular. We have just received more pieces in this collection.

Sheer with silk
We have layered our soft silk tops, tunics, dresses, and skirts with sheer silk organza fabrics. The results are a wonderfully light and romantic collection. The organza veil creates subtlety on the surface that defuses the light. The silk shimmers underneath, and together it creates a modern, sophisticated, and bohemian look. Our style is effortlessly casual, each piece flowing like air.

Urban romantic
We strive to produce clothes that are unique in the way that suitsthe numerous occasions our urban lifestyle presents. Comfortable towear, versatile in coordinating, and stylish in designs. Try our organza top with a pair of denim, or the tunic with leggings. The wrinkled organza and silk skirts are great with the top and tunic, too, but are also super with soft jerseys.

Range of scarves
Enjoy the charm of scarves and shawls! They are well coordinated together with our clothes. Drape it casually or tie it to accessorize. They absolutely complete your look.

Do visit our boheme clothing salon at emgallery. You will enjoy the space and atmosphere overlooking the jungle at Dempsey Hill.

Christmas Silk Ornaments

Karen tribe's decorative bags...

We have a new collection of bags made by the Karen tribe in Northern Thailand. Colourful and decorative, these bags are made from the actual blouses they wear. The Karen women skillfully adorn their blouses with embroidery and using seeds. We collect these blouses and turn them into various bags.

This time our collection includes handbags, larger handbags, and tote bags. The larger handbag has more elaborate features such as a zipper closure, fabric wound handles, and long hanging threads for decoration. The regular size handbag is simpler with a magnet closure and comes in a pretty elongated shape. The tote bag is casual and handy for carrying around in town.

The works of making the bags are very detailed and show their craftsmanship. The bags will accentuate your modern ethnic style.

We hope to see you soon at our gallery!

Christmas Silk Ornaments

Latest Arrival of our Basket Collection

We have worked for some time now with Northern Thailand-based artisans who have helped to preserve the Karen tribe's fine art of basketry. Less and less skilled basket producers remain but their works are breathtakingly beautiful.

We have brought over a small collection of the baskets that are now showcased in our shop. The items include oval, round, and flat baskets, taller laundry baskets, and drum baskets that can be used as small tables. Most have small wooden legs that make the baskets unique. Perhaps most striking, however, is the beautiful weaving patters they use, which truly shows the high level of their craftsmanship.

Our previous collection of baskets was extremely well received and our customers have been asking for more. As mentioned, many Karen basket-makers have disappeared of late and we now have to wait much longer for the baskets to be produced. So this arrival is much anticipated, not only among our customers but also among ourselves! Do hurry to come have a look. They really are lovely.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Christmas Silk Ornaments

emgallery wishes you a lovely holiday season, and a great year of happiness in 2012!

We have marked our second year in Dempsey Road this month. We would sincerely like to thank you for your continual support and loyalty to emgallery.

We remain committed to working with our weavers and artisans to create a truly unique collection of textiles, arts and crafts.

Looking forward to having you again in our gallery soon!

Best wishses,

Emiko, Aya, Yuriko, Natsuko, Weilin, and Mizue, at emgallery

* Our Holiday Season Hours *  
25th December 2011 CLOSED
31th December 2011 11.00am - 3.00pm
1st & 2nd January 2012 CLOSED
Christmas Silk Ornaments

Enchanting Table Setting...

Our long-waited crockery collection has just arrived!

Our new crockery is handcrafted in Cambodia. Khmer (Cambodian) pottery was cherished in the Angkor Era (8C-15C). Well known for its unique designs and glaze, Khmer pottery has become quite renowned among world collectors. After the disruption due to the civil war, Khmer arts and crafts are now enjoying its revival.

We have worked with a Khmer artisan group that has made a great effort to revive their ceramic traditions. They closely follow the traditional methods, using Khmer clay, Khmer glaze, and Khmer potters.

Khmer ceramics are traditionally produced in clay kilns. They are usually glazed brown or green with wood-ash glazes with iron, resulting in deep hues such as olive green, grey, and brown. Iron mixed with clay produces dark dots on the surface of the ceramics. Khmer ceramics are usually heavy and of excellent quality.

Our collection of plates and bowls are very enchanting. Plates come in 3 sizes (L, M, S) with a slight wave around the edge. Bowls come in 5 sizes (XL, L, M, S, XS), giving a full scope of use from a family dinner to a dinner party. The bowls are engraved with bold Khmer scripts. There are also small and large leaf-shaped long dishes that can be used on their own, or put on plates for putting small food items or relishes on.

Last, but not least, our lovely Lotus candle holders complete a dinner table. Shaped in a lotus bud, we offer 3 sizes (L, M, S) to compliment every occasion.

Our textile collection of course helps you to coordinate a great table setting in style. Choose from our wide and unique textile collection table runners, placemats, and cushions to put together a wonderful table.

We hope to see you in this holiday season!

* Our Holiday Season Hours *  
25th December 2011 CLOSED
31th December 2011 11.00am - 3.00pm
1st & 2nd January 2012 CLOSED
Christmas Silk Ornaments

Warm Shades of Purple, Heather and Burgundy

emgallery have just launched the latest textile collection. The new colour palette is very warm revolving around the shades of purple. From a delicate hue of lavender to deep plums and rich berry colours, our new colours create an autumnal feel both to wear and adorn.

Our home décor collection is looking better than ever. This season, we'll bring you a very warm and sophisticated home collection of pillows, throws, runners, and wall-hanging tapestries. We play with the colours combining purples with olive green, heather, and deep turquoise blue to create a very interesting look. For a softer effect, we like to put together smoky shades such as mauve, khaki, warm greys, and lilac. The results are subtle but very striking. We have woven some pieces extra long so they can decorate your long tables - in time for the festive season.

The colours work wonderfully for wearing, too. Luminous silk makes gorgeous scarves and shawls. The purples are in vogue this season and coordinate your wardrobe with flair. Especially wearable are our loosely hand-woven scarves. This traditional weave in Laos & Cambodia creates a very pretty lacy pattern throughout the scarves, making them beautiful to look at and exquisitely soft to wear. The new shades also compliment our latest clothing collection, boheme.

Our new woven motifs are very exciting. We are introducing new designs for our dramatic 'cocoon' wall-hangings, with silk pom poms hanging at the end of fringes. Many floral patterns are used throughout the collection. The way the colours are worked with the intricate woven patterns makes the collection very unique and artistic.

Last but not least, our new silk-screen bag collection (shoulder bags, passport holders, and mobile cases) has also arrived. With the new 'Dahlia' flower print, the collection comes in soft and muted bronze colours. Together with our silk ornaments and ikat Xmas cards, we have many items to offer for your gifts.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Christmas Silk Ornaments

We have just received a new shipment of our silk ornaments and ikat cards from Cambodia.

Silk ornaments of stars, elephants, and Xmas trees are luminous and festive. They will decorate your Xmas tree wonderfully, while they also make lovely gifts. We have a full range of colours from brights to earth tones.

Also available is a full range of our ikat cards. Apart from the Xmas cards, our old favourites such as elephants, Apsara dancers, and Angkor Wat are back. These cards are made by cutting out the designs on paper with ikat fabric in the background, creating lovely ikat patterns.

Our silk ornaments and ikat cards are hand-made by landmine and polio victim artisans in Cambodia, with whom we have worked for many years.

We hope you will drop by emgallery soon to view our latest arrival!

Sea Grass Mats

em's new cloting line...

Preview : 12th (Wed) & 13th (Thu) October 2011 *by appointment
Launch : 14th (Fri) & 15th (Sat) October 2011 / 10am-7pm

A piece of cloth to clothing...

I am delighted to mark the start of my new clothing line, boheme.

I started emgallery inspired by the beauty of the textiles traditional weavers in Laos and Cambodia were able to create. My desire to evolve the traditional weaving into a modern statement of style has spurred me on to create our new clothing line. This is another chapter of emgllery and our textile adventure.

Our first cut of the clothes consists of nine beautiful styles of tops, tunics, dresses, a light cardigan, and a long skirt. Made in hand-woven soft silk in four solid colours & prints, the clothes are feather-light with lots of drapes and movements. Our silk clothes are contemporary enough for you to wear daily for work and leisure.

As a special friend of emgallery, I would like to extend a special invitation to you for a private viewing of my first collection prior to our launch.

I hope you will join me for this special event.

Founder & designer, Emiko Nakamura

12 & 13 Oct: Private Viewings by appointment only. Emiko will personally walk you through the new collection in a tea salon environment. Please contact 6475 6941 or emailfor appointment.

14 & 15 Oct: Open to public. Light drinks & refreshments will be served at our courtyard.

If you purchase from our new boheme collection during the launch, you will be presented with a special gift.

We will be sending you a boheme brochure and invitation card by post shortly. Please let us know if we need to update your address. Thank you!

Sea Grass Mats Sea Grass Mats

Sea grass mats are back at emgallery..!

Using indigenous sea grass, our lovely collection of mats is hand-woven in Cambodia. Sea grass is very durable and makes perfect mats. Our new shipment includes a floor mat (120x200cm) and floor runner (70x200cm).

The mats come in 3 different designs - plain, Jasmine, and Spots. The colours are in natural, warm tones of brown, orange, khaki, navy, black, and oxblood (dark maroon). All the patterns and colours coordinate with one another easily. Jasmine (flower) is an ikat pattern, making the colours reversible (front and back). Spots are our old favourite, making a return with this collection. Plain is a classic with its simple and glossy appeal.

Our sea grass mats are woven on a floor loom using traditional methods. We reinforce the mats by adding some nylon threads in the warp when weaving, so our mats are extra strong! For maintenance, simply wipe with cloth and let it breathe by standing the mat from time to time. You don't need to wash the mats.

Sea grass mats are wonderful in the hot weather. They are cool and comfortable, particularly on bare feet!

Do drop by and browse our new collection of sea grass mats.We look forward to seeing you soon!

sale emgallery

Until Sunday, 17 July 2011

emgallery's sale is now extended due to popular demand.

We are offering 10-40% off on our previous collections
including textiles, pillows, clothes, bags, various accessories,
some furniture items, and hand-woven silk carpets.

Please do not miss our rare sale at emgallery!

*em card does not apply for the sale items (no stamps/usage)
**No returns, exchange, and refunds for the sale items are accepted.

balinese baskets emgallery

6 (Wed) - 9 (Sat) July 10am to 7pm

emgallery will be holding a 4-day sale next week.

Items from previous collections and samples will be among the offer (some great finds!). Enjoy 10-40% off on our textiles, pillows, clothes, bags, and various accessories.

Please do not miss this rare opportunity..!

*em card does not apply for the sale items (no stamps/usage)
**No returns, exchange, and refunds for the sale items are accepted.

balinese baskets Balinese Baslets

We have a new collection of charming baskets from Bali. Balinese women traditionally wove baskets for their households for placing offerings, and storing food or knickknacks. In Bali, you'll see women carrying baskets on their heads.

Our Balinese baskets are made in the villages near Ubud. There are a few different kinds of basketry in Bali. While the colourful ones are very popularly seen throughout Bali, the baskets we found are strikingly simple using natural grass only dyed in browns and black.

Shapes and sizes vary, from small round baskets to flat shallow baskets, and some trays. There are numerous ways to utilize these lovely baskets. Most of them have matching lids and are perfect for storing things. Put in sweets, keys, coasters, or even post-its! Trays are also great for placing letters, candles, and of course serving tea and a cake.

The baskets look natural but also modern, making them a stylish decoration around the house (and office). They look great next to a flower pot or plants.

We only have a limited stock this time, so if you are interested, please hurry to view them!

Pillow pillow

If you are thinking of rearranging your rooms, pillows are a great way to freshen your rooms. Here are some tips & ideas:

Pillows provide a theme to your room - Ethnic or romantic? Resort or urban dwelling? Pillows will provide a look or mood you are looking for.

Something missing... - If you wonder this when you look around the room, try adding pillows as accents. The right pillows often complete your room with style.

Colours & textures - Pillows are one of the easiest and most effective ways to introduce colour to your rooms. Colour combinations could change your rooms totally - as well as your moods! Texture is a more subtle but just as effective element.

Make a statement! - Apart from the colours & textures, we have various sizes and shapes in our pillow collection. Juxtaposing different sizes and shapes of pillows makes a strong statement to your sofa or bed.

Pillow inserts - our inserts are 100% feather. Each made by hand, the inserts are soft and extremely comfortable allowing you to use them for many years. Inserts are optional, and we will also custom-make them to any size you wish.

emgallery's pillow collection is very extensive. We specialize in textiles and design all our collections. We especially coordinate our fabrics with our pillows and other accessories to create a very particular style. While Asian in style, our designs and colours are decidedly modern, coordinating effortlessly with any style from European to Japanese.

We are happy to help you find what you are looking for and coordinate the look for you. Do visit emgallery to see our pillow collection.

hope for japan hope for japan

Some more new items have added to our ikat 'spot' collection.

We now have our popular shoulder bags in this design, as well as passport holders and mobile phone swing bags. Available in chocolate, taupe, plum, and rose colours, they will coordinate your outing perfectly - in style.

Using the traditional ikat weaving method, we have come up with the modern motif with an Asian twist. We hope you'll enjoy our new bag and travel collection.

We look forward to seeing you at our shop soon!

hope for japan hope for japan

We have created a new 'pop' Hill Tribe story. The original vivid colours on their garments and ornaments are reworked and combined differently to look more sophisticated while still very vibrant. Fuscha pink, jade green, lime, canary yellow are boldly used but in right proportions, often accompanying subdued hues like indigo blues and neutrals. The results are very interesting and a lot of fun.

Indigenous motifs continue to play a strong role in this collection. Enjoy some bold geometric designs as well as intricate weaving patterns, all with a modern twist. Discover very interesting and unexpected ways of putting colours together.

em's new home & fashion textile collection - now available at emgallery. We hope to see you soon!

hope for japan hope for japan

Our brand new collection of bags and accessories has just arrived.

The new design 'spot' is created by weaving, rather than printing, using the traditional method of ikat (tie & dye). We have used a palette of chocolate and taupe, creating a deep, rich hue. The silk used is of the finest grade.

Our 'spot' collection consists of bags (shoulder bags, sling bags, and tote bags), as well as accessories such as passport holders, pouches, and mobile phone bags. They are exclusively made for emgallery.

'Spot' is a modern, classic design and appeals to both women and men.

We have just received the first shipment which includes some bags and pouches. More are on the way. Do visit emgallery for viewing our new collection.
hope for japan hope for japan

emgallery has started an in-shop relief campaign "hope for japan" to help and support the people who have suffered from the recent disaster caused by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

We would like to ask for your help to donate to our cause. Our weavers in Laos are making silk bookmarks and bracelets as part of a joint effort (pictured above), which will be given for in-store donations of S$5.00 and above. All donations will be sent to the Japan Red Cross (via the Singapore Red Cross Society).

We are now listed as one of the official donors for the Red Cross Society, and the donation box is placed on our shop counter.

We hope you will join us in our relief campaign. We will continue with the campaign as long as there is a need.

Hill Trive Quilted silk cushions for your  home


Our second Hill Tribe Revival collection is now showcased at emallery.

The new palette includes shades of indigo, gold, camel, and brown, creating true rustic chic moods. Indigo combined with gold and camel is very alluring, while light to rich golds blending into camel and brown are delightfully enchanting.

Our woven story is as strong as ever. Rich hill tribe motifs and designs are translated into our own version of bold geometric ikats and delicately woven intricate patterns. These weaving stories are further enriched by the unique use of colours and textures. Together, it makes a very strong statement in our collection.

Discover our new strikingly coordinated home collection of pillows, runners, and tapestries. Also enjoy our artistic fashion pieces such as shawls, scarves, and cool bags. All currently available at emgallery.

Hill Trive Quilted silk cushions for your  home

A new shipment of silk organza bags have just arrived.

Hand-woven in Cambodia, sheer silk is made into pretty bags with string ties. Some are silk-screen printed with botanic patterns, while some are in solid colours.

Available in 3 sizes, large ones are great as lingerie or garment bags, medium size for holding (and protecting) scarves, and small ones are handy for putting in things like handkerchief, tissue, and keys. They are a great organizer and look stylish too!

Our organza bags are also popular as gifts. You can combine different sizes or coordinate the colours & patterns, which we will finish off with a nice gift-wrap. Not only do they look adorable, they are also a wonderful craft made by the artisans in Cambodia. Originally designed by em!

The latest collection comes in pretty shades such as pale turquoise, leaf green, fog pink, and soft brown. Patterns match our current collection of silk printed bags - water lily and flower & vine.

We also have a wide range of silk organza for home and fashion. In Laos, we have created beautiful organza shawls with very interesting weaving details. The contrast of sheer fabric and woven patterns makes quite a dynamic and artistic wall-hanging piece.

We look forward to showing you some of our lovely organza collections. Do drop by for viewing.

Hill Trive Quilted silk cushions for your  home

We have a variety of silks at our shop. From lustrous silk to delicate organza, each different silk can be styled differently. Here are a few ideas..

Soft, lustrous silk woven in Cambodia : Wonderful for scarves & shawls, as this silk beautifully drapes and wraps around you. The woven structure, such as waffle and pleats, creates subtle texture, for a more modern style. Its light-weight so its easy to wear.

Rough silk woven in Laos : This silk has a rustic appeal as the texture is slightly thicker and the appearance is matte rather than shiny. We tend to apply a traditional weaving method such as ikat and supplementary weave (raised woven pattern) using this silk. The result is often quite dynamic, making great interior accent pieces such as wall-hanging tapestries and table runners. We also make an array of pillows to match.

Raw silk woven in Cambodia : We mainly make a collection of pillow covers using this unprocessed silk. It is rougher than rough silk - almost coarse - creating a very interesting rugged look, while it still has the sophisticated feel compared to cotton or linen. Raw silk pillows look great on their own or combined with those in different types of silks.

Silk organza woven in Laos : We love the delicateness and beauty this fabric expresses. Meticulously hand-woven in Laos, the sheer silk is so effective both at home and in fashion. As it lets light through and is light and airy, the silk organza can be placed in many places - on the wall as a wall-hanging, by the windows, or hanging from the ceiling as a screen or divider. Organza is of course perfect as a shawl. Patterns woven on organza are particularly effective for the contrast of sheer background and solid patterns.

We have many more varieties of silk at our shop, some made into bags, jewellery, and accessories. Do come and visit emgallery to discover the beauty of silk...

** We are closed on 3rd & 4th February for Chinese New Year**

Hill Trive Quilted silk cushions for your  home

emgallery wishes you a very Happy New Year and a joyous year ahead..!

The new year might be a good time to renew your home decoration and accents. Our quilted silk cushions are a wonderful way of introducing a bit of luxury as well as comfort into your home.

Using an exquisitely hand-woven Thai silk, the quilted cushions are expertly made by local artisans. Dense filling weighing 1kg makes all the difference to the feel and look of the cushions. The filling is placed in a cotton bag underneath the silk before being quilted, making the cushion extra durable and firm. Firmness gives lasting comfort and wear, while making the cushions look absolutely beautiful and luxurious.

The quilted silk cushions have become one of em's signature items over the years. Our latest collection comes in brighter colours, which would make great accents in your home décor. The fronts and backs are different colours making the cushion reversible and fun.

**Special Promotion**
We are offering a special promotion where you can enjoy 10% off if you buy more than 6 pcs of our quilted cushions. The promotion runs until the end of March 2011. Do not miss this opportunity!

We have many home textile and accessories at our shop and we will be very happy to help you coordinate your home. We look forward to seeing you soon..!

Hill Trive Happy Holidays from emgallery

We have marked one year this December since we moved to our shop in Dempsey Road.

We felt your support and well wishes all year long and we would sincerely like to thank you for all your support.

As 2010 is wrapping up, we wish you a lovely holiday season and a super year ahead..! We hope to see you again soon.

**We are open until 8.30pm on 22 (Wed) & 23 (Thu) December.

emgallery's holiday schedule:
22 & 23 December Open until 8.30pm
24 December 10am - 6pm
25 December Closed
31 December Open until 3pm
1 & 2 January 2011 Closed
Hill Trive Baskets made in Northern Thailand

We have received a collection of baskets from Northern Thailand. Hand-crafted by the Karen tribes, the baskets represent the finest craftsmanship of their kind. Beautifully woven, the baskets come in various shapes and sizes, some of which are large enough to use as small tables. Colours are brown, black, or a mixture of the two that create delicate patterns inside and outside the baskets.

The baskets are largely based on those traditionally used by the Karen for containing harvests and storing daily necessities. Some are modeled on Vietnamese and Burmese styles. Many have wooden bases, which look unique and are extra durable.

Together with our recently launched Hill Tribe textile collection, they make a great décor for your rooms, and of course would make lovely gifts for the holiday seasons.

We are now showcasing the baskets in our shop. Do come around and have a look. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Our holiday schedule: Closed: 25 December 2010, 1-2 January 2011 (we are open until 3pm on 31 December)

Hill Trive new coolection

We have launched our new collection, "Hill Tribe Revival".

Our pom-pom and chenille collection is unique and striking. Inspired by the Karen tribe's costume and ornaments, we have created our own version of pillows, throws, scarves, and some accessories.

We have stocked an array of festive season items, such as handmade ikat Xmas cards, silk Xmas ornaments (now we have elephants too!), jewellery and jewellery boxes, photo frames, silk purses, and of course lovely silk scarves and bags.

Do come and have a look our new range of collection.

Hill Trive

Please join us at our new collection launch at emgallery.

Our fascination with hill tribe arts and traditions continues and we have created another striking textile collection inspired by their weaving and adornment.

Newly launched this month is a pom-pom and chenille collection. We have taken Karen tribe costumes, which are richly ornate with colourful pom-poms and wonderful chenille, and turned them into a collection of unique interior and fashion pieces. Pillows and throws with pom-poms and chenille are adorable and will transform your home to a rustic chic adobe. We have also made jewellery and name card boxes adorned with pom-poms, which are great for gifts.

Colours have turned out to be lovely - amber, gold, and plum make a rich palette, electrically combined with turquoise, lime, indigo, and fuscha pink. On woven patterns, these colours work breathtakingly well together. You can enjoy them around home as décor pieces, but also they are absolutely gorgeous to wear.

Silk ornaments and ikat Xmas cards have arrived from Cambodia, all handmade by the artisans who are landmine and polio victims. Silk ornaments include Xmas trees, Stars, Stars & Moon, and Elephants. We have expanded the colours this year ranging from bright to chic colours. Using the same silk, we have also had a collection of purses made that come in various sizes.

Do come and join us in the sparkling new collection launch at emgallery. We look forward to seeing you!

11/26 (Fri) - 28 (Sun) 10am - 7pm

Resort Living emgallery will be holding a Special Sale to clear some of our furniture pieces.

Mekong Collection : Hand-built in Laos, this collection is reminiscent of colonial Indochina style. Simple and elegant, our offer includes 2-seater & 3-seater sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, daybed, mirror, and dining tables & chairs.

Art Décor & Colonial Collection : This unique collection from Cambodia includes our hand-picked Art Décor Antique living set (bench, armchairs & side table), recycled old wood coffee tables with carved elephant legs, and hand-painted Khmer style cabinet.

Most of the items have been on display in our shop and they are the only pieces left. The offer prices vary, depending on each piece's conditions. Some are not quite perfect, but are still lovely and unique.

For those who come early, we will be offering special further 5% discount from the sale prices. Most of the items are one-of-a-kind with limited stock, so do take this opportunity to join us early..!

Resort Living Resort Living

Many of you must have come back from your wonderful holidays not long ago. While inspired, why not recreate a little resort of your own at home?

It has always been an inspiration for emgallery, too. Tropical style, Island living, or whatever you call it, our fabrics and home accents are created to embrace it.

For our current decor at our shop in Dempsey Road, we have put together some very interesting combinations using our silks and accessories. The colours are very pretty and dreamy, conjuring up an image from your favourite resorts. We can show you how sheer fabrics and soothing-coloured pillows can do a wonder to your bedroom. Or silk wall-hangings or table runners can add to the feel of understated luxury. Just like living on at the resort...

Our collections are exclusively designed and produced by and for emgallery. We are here to help you create a space you have always dreamt of...

We hope to see you soon.

RawSilk RusticChic

We have a variety of silks that we work on. You might think silken fabrics are delicate and lustrous, which is true in many cases, however, silk can be processed differently to produce unique feels and textures.

One such silk is raw silk. Silk has gum called Sericin in its raw stage, which is removed to create smooth lustrous silk yarns. Raw silk is the silk with sericin, i.e. unprocessed silk. Raw silk is quite rough and nobly, and creates very interesting textured fabrics.

Our raw silk pillow collection is created in Cambodia combining raw silk and regular silk. In the past, we dyed the woven fabric for certain colours, but now we dye all the yarns first and then weave the fabric. This way, the woven fabric shows more subtle colours and texture, also improving the strength.

We have recently received a new shipment of raw silk pillow covers. They are one of our signature items. Over many years we have run, we have added new colours and we currently have 8 colours in stock - orange, chocolate, copper, army green, silver grey, daisy (off white), pink, and blue. The colours vary from light to deep, but all have the lovely nubby texture that gives the pillow a perfect 'rustic chic' look.

Our raw silk pillows come in both square and rectangular shapes in various sizes. Square ones are paneled in 4 patches using 2 different directions of the raw silk fabric and it gives a very interesting effect.

Raw silk is not a smooth silk, but it has a very interesting character and is quite durable. It does not have the luster that smooth silk has but it still has a sheen that maintains the sophisticated look. We love the material.

All our raw silk pillows are currently showcased in our shop. Do come and have a look and do experience the feel of this unique fabric.

We look forward to seeing you soon..!

matsuya passport holder

For those who are about to travel, great news - lovely silk-screen printed passport holders have just arrived from Cambodia. Back by popular demand, we have printed our new floral patterns for this collection. They match our silk-screen bags and mobile cases, so you'll be ready to go on the road equipped in style.

The colours are gorgeous - grape, bronze, sea green, and lilac. Soft and shimmery, they coordinate with your travel attire fashionably. All of the items are also light, making it easy for travelling.

The fabric is hand-woven by our Cambodian weavers to our specifications and silk-screen printed with our designs. The passport holder is more like a travel document organizer - two different-sized compartments for boarding pass and passport, many card pockets (good for travel related cards such as mileage cards or visa photos),a long zipped pocket for currency and a pen holder. You can organize all your travel documents in this holder. And it looks nice too!

Apart from your own, why don't you pick some extra ones for your friends? They make a great gift.

We have also re-shuffled our display in our shop. We hope to see you soon at emgallery..!


Summer is here and many of you must be leaving for your vacations soon.

If you are looking for something to take home for your friends and families, we have an array of beautiful textiles and home & fashion accessories for you to choose from.

We have a wide range of textile collections - scarves, shawls, runners, wall-hanging tapestries, pillow covers, and bags. Our current collection includes many light, sheer silk organza pieces, which are perfect for summer.

We also have a number of small items that make lovely gifts. Silk-screen bags and pouches, silk photo frames, sea grass tablemats and coasters, and silk & silver jewellery are popular.

Our collection is exclusively designed and produced for our gallery and each is expertly created by skilled artisans in Southeast Asia. We also offer nice gift-wrapping for your gifts.

Come and see our collection at emgallery. We're sure you can find something special...

** emgllery will be closed on Monday 2nd August.


We have received a shipment of beautiful silk quilted cushions from Thailand.

High quality hand-woven silk is expertly quilted and made into these wonderful cushions. The cushion is reversible, so you can enjoy a different colour on each side of the cushion. This time we have a range of classic colours available - gold, bordeaux, grey, sax blue, and midnight blue.

Our quilted cushions are long-lasting, as there is another layer of cover underneath the quilted fabric. Each has 1kg of polyester filling, making the cushion nice and firm..

The cushions are perfect for dining chairs and benches, providing both splash of colours and comfort.

Enjoy our latest arrival..!

** Due to our stock-take, emgllery will be closed next Tuesday 29 June.


Please join us at our new collection launch at emgallery.

Midsummer Dreams is a pretty, romantic collection inspired by sun-soaked summer days. The refreshing colour palette consists of the softest shades of lavender, vanilla, and mint as well as muted brights such as soft coral, misty turquoise, and petal rose.

Texture also plays an important part in this collection. Most significant is the airy silk organza. The light comes through the fabric beautifully, creating lovely translucent colours. Many other weaving patterns create interesting textures in the fabric – some lacy and some pleated

Our exciting new collection includes a lovely range of new bags. Our signature silk-screen bags will have brand new design and colours, while we have created a very different collection of tote bags and pouches made of hill tribe cotton from Cambodia.

We hope to see you at our launch next week..!

MIDSUMMER DREAMS Launch @ emgallery

Date & Time: 18th & 19th June, 2010
  10am – 7pm
Venue: emgallery at Dempsey Road

** Please note that due to the preparations for the event, emgallery will be closed at 3pm on 16th June (Wed) and closed all day on 17th June (Thu). We are sorry for the inconvenience.

matsuya matsuya

Date: 11 (Mon) - 24 (Tue) May, 2010
Time: 10am - 8pm (till 6pm on the last day)
Venue: Matsuya Department Store, Ginza, Tokyo (At Season's Studio, 7th Floor)
    3-6-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan Tel: +81 3 3567 1211

We are holding an exhibition at Matsuya Ginza in Tokyo. We will be showcasing our popular range from Hill Tribe Story, as well as some brand new pieces from our Spring& Summer'10 collection.

Bold ikats and vibrant hues are popular in our chic Tribal collection. And from our latest collection, very pretty and romantic textiles and home & fashion accessories will be debut at the exhibition.

If you happen to be in Tokyo during the period, please come by and see us! Or do tell your friends who might be interested.

bags in leaf

Wemgallery's silk-screen bags are now in stock. The leaf design is back by popular demand. The chic colour combination of bronze, silver grey, taupe, blue, and ochre is very alluring.

Our light-weight silk-screen bags have been one of our signature items. The silk is cultivated in Cambodia and the yarns are dyed to our specific colours. The woven fabrics are then screened with our chosen patterns and colours. Each is hand-made by the artisans.

With this shipment, we have regular-size shoulder bags and smaller ones in matching pouches. They are great for town and travel, as well as gifts. We look forward to seeing you soon!

** emgallery will be closed on Monday 3rd May 2010 **

seagrass Sea
We now have a new design and have come me up with an exciting new collection of sea grass table mats, coasters, floor runners, and floor mats. In earth-tone shades of natural, moss green, khaki, brown, orange and black, they look fabulous.

Table mats & coasters
We now have a new size for the table mats. At an elongated size of 25x45cm, it is wider and less tall. It is wide enough to accommodate all the tableware such as plates, cutlery, linens, coaster and glasses, while it leaves enough space for you to put a runner or serving dishes and plates at centre.

Floor runners & mats
Floor runners are 70x200cm and mats 120x200cm. Runners can actually be used both on floor and table. Mats are ample and beautiful. Due to the hand loom width, we cannot produce a wider mat, but you can place or scatter a few mats around the room.

Colours & designs
Our classic colours are back, but combined differently and also in new designs. Apart from glossy solid plains, we have Jasmine flower patterns done in ikat. The flowers are combined with thin stripes and they look lovely--reversed colours on both sides are also a nice surprise! All the items have cotton borders, which protect the sea grass as well as complete the look.

Do come and browse our brand new sea grass collection. They are practical to use, pretty, and easy to care. All hand-woven in Cambodia.

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