Emiko's unique style comes from her personal experiences as well as her professional life. Her aesthetic values were greatly influenced by the two cultural environments in which she spent her early years - Japan and England. The latter, in particular, had a strong influence on the way she identified and developed her own taste. She quickly learnt the importance of developing one's own style, and hers came from balancing contrasting elements, such as old and new, bold and subtle, and East and West. Em's working experience in the fashion industry further sharpened her sense of style, while narrowing down her specific tastes. Travelling introduced her to various exotic and indigenous elements, which Em enthusiastically adopted into her style. 1997 marked a major turning point as she and her husband moved to Singapore. Her love for travelling escalated and it all became more meaningful as she encountered some wonderfully rich cultures and arts while she travelled in Asia. It did not take Em long to discover skilled artisans and the heritage they laboriously tried to preserve. And Em's fascination became a deep admiration and respect for the artisans and their communities.

Em decided to combine all these factors into her life work. In 2000, she set up her own business, em trade & design. She instinctively pursues her own sense of styling that translates some traditional works into her collection of fashion and home décor.