to our very first chapter of a voyage. A journey into the world of the undiscovered.

With us, you will be visitng some of the culturally richest areas of the world, where you will discover, or re-discover, the beauty and wisdom of indigenous arts and cultures.
Set amidst the rich backdrop of South East Asia, we are there to create our spirited encounters with the artisans, their livelihood, and their wonderful gist of arts.
Through many of these encounters, and with our inborn love for arts and culture, we have become very committed to pursuing their arts and to finding ways to introduce them as an inspiring alternative style to our living. Through revisitng these traditions, we hope to achieve a style unique and endearing enough for you to take an interest in exploring it further on your own terms. We also plan to visit beyond the region of Asia Pacific in the future in pursuit of finer and rarer indigenous heritage.
We are also motivated by the empowering efforts between you and ourselves in helping the artians and their communities to better sustain their lives.